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In another discussion, it was said that the irish setter supposedly is amongst the 5 most barking breeds of dogs.
I find this VERY difficult to believe.
I would have thought that this would be totally against their grain.
A setter is not supposed to bark whilst working (unlike most hounds). Neither was it ever used as a guard-dog.

Yes mine do bark, but most of the time triggered by my pug and there is certainly no excessive barking.

How about you?
Ever felt that the breed deserves to be amongst the 5 "most barking"-ones?

(Illustration from one of my books - chapter on excessive barking - picturing breeds that are supposedly loud...)

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My two bark very little. Bailey the older one hardly ever barks, he's very laid back and relaxed, and Rory the 16 month old barks a little bit when he wants to encourage another dog to play. He also has a bark when the door bell rings. Other than that, no problem barking here. Not from the Irish anyway.

Now I have 6 American Cocker Spaniels too, those are the barkers. Very sparky.
Definitely NO.

Ever had a Appenzell Sennenhund in a training class??? I'm working with one at the moment... and - typically - this is a very insecure dog.

As to Irish, I have found some family lines are more 'yappy' than others, but in general they are pretty quiet - except for the occasions when the doorbell rings;-))
Love the cartoon excellent, my Irish also bark very little , they bark when someone comes which i like them to do and they bark a little when playing , it is very noticeable when you go to a champ show how quiet it is amongst the setter benches, very few bark, the golden retriever and a couple of other gundog breeds are very noisy , so I think it very unfair to put them in the 5 noisiest breeds .
Setters are definitely not among the barkers in the dog world!! Mine can be vocal but, as others said, only to alert or when a bit exited(that applies to Megan mostly!!) All of mine are quiet in the field(except Megan!) And always quiet at dog shows! Also very quiet in the house! I get lots of barkers staying in the kennels(usually smaller breeds!) Love the drawing!!
Over the years I have found that my bitches go out last thing before going to bed at full speed round the garden barking their heads off!!!!perhaps to chase off any night intruder before going to bed???Fortunately I do not have any neighbours so it does not matter....on the other hand the boys can get excited in the car when we are about to arrive somewhere and they will also bark if somebody arrives at our gate(deliveries and so on)
absolutely don't agree with it. At home Conner barks only at nights when some strange aproach to our door, on the walks he barks only if he want me to throw him a sticks or ball. I know so many breeds that are louder!
I forgot to say - Tara was exactly the same, and my friends's setters are calm also.
if you have ever met some terriers or some herding dogs - i am sure they take up the first 100 places in the top barking breed raking...:-)
my dogs are quite vocal but never give sound without any reason. they bark if someone approches the front door. or when a stranger appears from the woods during our evening walk (winter time when it is dark). bark when happy and playing with another dog. vocal when dinner time is near, but that is not barking, more the woowoowoo-stuff :-) danka is a specialist in telling her opinion and comes to me during the day and explains wooowoowoo what she feels :-) and not forgetting the sounds of happiness when my dad visits us. :-)
btw, super drawing - again.
Our Lord does not bark at all. He never did it, he just makes some strange noises, but it is definitly no barking.
Kathy and Harry are much louder. When they are doing Agility they bark nearly all the time if the run.
At home they only bark, if somebody enters.
But I also have an hungarian puli at home (Laura should knows a lot of them). I think you will never find a puli who does not bark at ever reason or even without any reason. they are horrible. especially if you have more than one. everbody with two or more pulis can tell your the story. It is similar than the Spitz on your illustration.
oh yes! i wanted to mention them but then just wrote "herding breed" :-))
Very definately not. I have 2 Setters, one Irish & one English, and neither are barkers. Mind you, my English will bark occasionally at possums up the tree, birds, cats in our front garden but in general, they are quiet and very well behaved. My Irish Tess will bark when the doorbell rings but once they are inside, all is well. They never just run around barking at nothing. 5 most barkingest dogs. I don't think so.
Unfortunatly mine dogs bark when the doorbel rings when you are at home, the want attention from the one who is standing at the door. Do not bark when nobody is at home. They bark whenver they see me coming home.
I do not like it and tell them to stop.
One barks high the other a low bark.




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