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Looking through previous discussions it came to my notice that it is just over 5 years and 2 weeks since Gene created this site.

I would like to congratulate him on his success, and acknowledge the hard work he has put into this site. Averaging more than one member every day, a great achievement well done you.

From me and mine a very big THANK YOU. <:0) x

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Well done Angela, and I can only fully agree with you. We tend to take things for granted but it was a fabulous present from Gene!!  Joining you here Angela to say a HUGE thank you to Gene for offering us this super website and all what it has added to our daily life; the knowledge, the friends, the laugh, sharing our worries and grieves, getting support and plenty more, without forgetting all the fabulous pictures and the funny ones too! Gene you are our Setters Superman  :-)

Wonderful post, Wonderful site, Wonderful Gene :-)

Whilst I haven't been with ES from the beginning, I want to congratulate Gene for all the work he does in providing us this great website to make new friends all over the world, learn and share our beloved Setters.  Thank you Gene for all you do.  It is much appreciated.

Thank you, Gene!!

Thankyou from me too Gene.  Love this site.  Have made many wonderful friends from all over the globe & love seeing everyone's beautiful photo's of their pups.   Appreciate all that you do, very much. 

Yes thank you Gene, (",)

A very big thank you Gene for this wonderful site like many on here enjoy the photos of all the beautiful dogs from all parts of the world and have made many friends . 

I very much enjoy being part of this site, I have made many friends , there are many many lovely photographs to look out and many instructive conversations to contribute to.....many thanks , Gene, for all of these! :-)

What a crazy 5+ years myself and my Reds have had  here on ES ! Great friends, discussions and photos;o) Thanks again Gene;o))

Yes, indeed, thanks for this great site, Gene!

The site, and the wonderful people using it, have enriched our lives.

Thank you Gene,a wonderful site.

Thank you Gene!




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