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Hello all,

I watched Big Red for the first time last night - fantastic acting ;-) but beautiful dogs. I('m intrigued as to how pups can grow so fast in such a short space of time...good old Disney!)


Anyway.  I am slightly curious.  Was that made in Canada?  If so, does anyone know the lines of the dogs that were in the film?  I'm trying to figure them out to see if they were related to my cousin's setters in any way.  There can't have been that many setters around to start the Canadian lines off!


Other news, Ollie has come back from his grooming parlour today, they've done a fair job but we still can't get the feathering right on the front legs, it looks a bit blunt cut.  As a total novice can someone advise how you get that nice feathery light effect when you give them a trim?



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Hi,  Wendy the daughter of the founder of Bonanza breeds Irish Setters


Do you know the name of this dog?

Thank you for the links!


You welcome Nadine. I'm still searching for that Irish setter called Clancy in a Vietnam war episode. So if aynone....

Henk, can you give me any clues about the Vietnam War episode.Was it something like M.A.S.H?

I have a friend who is a film buff and he is baffled.

It took me yonks but I have just watched Big Red ........... I cried I laughed but most of all I loved it :-)

I loved this film,  got it from Amazon ages ago and just decided to watch it.  Those pups aged about 4 weeks in a day.  Just spent the whole time smiling (I knew they weren't going to put him down).




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