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Just wondered if anyone knew why our Bailey likes to suck his blanket? His paws usually knead like a cat's at the same time. It's obviously a comfort habit like suckling his mum but as far as I know he was a normal puppy who left his mum at 8 weeks old. (We got him at 13 months old). Will he grow out of it? Is there any harm in it? We let him do it if he wants unless he starts eating pieces of blanket.

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Well I shall see if my new puppy does this then because Dub came to us just barely 8 weeks. The new pup will be between 9-10 weeks old when I get him. I didn't find my dog seemed stressed when he did this. He seemed more like it was his normal before bedtime routine. I knew he was ready to settle in for the night when he got his blanket out. And if he didn't get it, I usually tucked him in with it, letting him know this was lights out!
I'm so relieved to find out that Bailey's not alone with his blanket fetish. Our Cocker Spaniel looks at him like he's a nut job but he often drifts off to sleep sucking his blanket. Only does it late evening. Must see if I can get a picture of him doing it. It's so sweet. I wish he was more like Conner. Soft toys get disembowelled very quickly and then he tries to eat the stuffing.
Funny, must be a common thing... and dare I say it...???? seems setters suck;o))
I know I know.... very sorry but I just couldn't resist:-)
you'll have fun :-) i know :-)))
My Reuben sucks and kneads his blanket too - hooray he is a setter sucker!!!!!

Hi Ive only just seen this post but thought I would mention I have two boys from the same litter, 18mths old now (so you would think experienced the same time with mum) but one of mine Teddy does this all the time and always has. Especially towards the end of the evening - he seems to put himself into a trance by quietly snapping his jaw. Strangely his brother doesnt do it at all. Also I would say Teddy is the more confident of the two. I mentioned it to the vet and she said she one had a  sheepdog who also did it.

Your Irish are all very cute sucking their blankies :)) only wish Poppy had adopted the same quirky habit, instead of pulling the wadding out of a QS mattress and the sofa." Crates are great" Now !! Lol.
Yes my Memphis does it as well, did also hump it but mainly a sucker and kneader it, fascinating to watch.
He then falls off asleep!

Hi, I've got a working cocker who does this too.   She was reared normally and responsibly in the house and her dam was very attentive with all of the puppies.  I refused to pick her up until she was 10 weeks of age and the day I collected her, her dam allowed her another feed.   So I don't think in Phoebe's case that she was incorrectly raised, it seems to me that it is a way of calming down and again she does it in the evening when we are all relaxing in the snug in front of the fire.  I do know when she is feeling stressed she starts to shred anything she can get hold of and that can be quite trying so I try to avoid these events.   I only had a very few litters of puppies and I didn't allow them to leave until 10 weeks.   I was told by "a dyed in the wool dog lady" that to avoid dogs mouthing (grabbing hands) that this was the earliest they should leave home.  Her theory was that when the puppies start to get overly playful and excited when they nipped their siblings and there was a fracas they learn that it hurts and from this experience they learn to be more gentle.   I have to say from my experience that this was good advice because I bought a couple of Irish from breeders who insisted they leave at 8 weeks, one was only 7!! weeks, these puppies had difficulty understanding "No" and "Leave" because they had never experienced the sibling lessons and consequences.   They needed more understanding and definately took a lot longer to grow up.

All puppy`s mouth or they wouldn`t be nornal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had one of my Irish from six weeks she is a super, well trained girl of eight years now and a pleasure to live with.  She had no difficulty learning anything.......sharp as a needle.

I think the perfect age for a puppy to go to it's new home is 8 weeks, any older and your missing out on valuable time.

None of my dogs have done it but I know other breeds who have had a favourite toy or blanket all their lives . It would not bother me at all if any of my dogs liked a comforter to snuggle up with.......why not :)




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