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I'm sitting here after a very long and tearful early morning and want to ask other ES friends what symptoms they experienced when their much loved setter had bloat? :(( I thought after much research over the time I've had my boy Flame I'd definitely no if he was suffering from this terrible condition. I'd even read everything everyone had said on ES discussions, luckily but after a harrowing ordeal of been given the run around from our local after hours vet at 3am this morning my much adored Flame is still with us and he's sisters Ruby and Poppy. I had like you suggested checked if they could do GDV surgery and they said YES!! I was so upset and distressed, not to mention poor flame when they expelled the gas in his stomach and sent me on our way to our animal emergency centre one and half hours away!! Three hours later he had emergency surgery where they were fantastic and so caring, I would of gone there in the first place!! Honestly his symptoms were so minor, such as a little tired and yes a little agitated. It was only when I got him to our local vet that I noticed that his stomach had expanded ( shocked ), all vitals normal. No temperature, no high heart rate, good gum colour. Please, I just don't understand :(( The xray confirmed, I guess every doggy owners worst fear. I know there's a long road for him and I'm writing this I guess for some help, as I truly thought I'd know if it was bloat. I'll make the trip hopefully back tonight as he was still in recovery after the 4 hour surgery when we left. I'd like to say hello and drop his favorite things and pray he makes a speedy recovery to he's normal cheeky Irish self. Thanks for listening x

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I know that awful feeling only too well and I hope all will be well with Flame. I saw my girl start to bloat just after feeding her took her to the vets just round the corner and she was diagnosed and had surgery within 40 minutes. The young vet was fantastic - had I presented with a similar condition I would not have been treated any quicker. Presentation does vary if I had any doubt I would be at the vet without hesitation. my advice is to seek out and research a vet that has facilities and expertise to treat emergencies. Best wishes to you - let us know how Flame gets on
Hello ES friends, it's been a very very long weekend. We visited Flame at lunch and he was, I could say near enough to his old self :)) Banging the crate and wanting mums cooking. I feel more relieved. Also I want to say thank you for all your well wishes and support, it truly has helped that sort of support coming from setter friends. I've learned a lot in the past 24 hours...... There are many signs of GDV and I have more to learn, Flame has had the stomach stitch done but of course he can still bloat but not twist. Thank god! I think as some of you mentioned the vet is the key to survival, I've had sadly a few visits with our animal emergency. Not all have been as happy as Flames but the treatment and care is second to none. In future, straight there. The other thing mentioned was stress bloat, I so agree our dear flame is a anxious setter, like me hates confrontations just wants everyone to be happy:)) I'll be keeping a close eye on Ruby and Poppy too. Please take my heartfelt thanks to you all, it has so helped me your kind words. I'll let you know how things go tomorrow and when hes coning home :)))We are also dealing with our little pet calf Little Moo sick tonight in the barn, the vets been and sadly not looking good. Take care and thank you X
I just wanted to say Sue, you are so right. I don't want this fright to make me turn into a worry wart, my daughter who works closely with animals and was with Flame and I through the whole ordeal has given me the very same advice as you :)) take care Dianne and Red Kids x

I wish you and Flame all the best!!! 

Hi ES Friends, an update on how Flames going :)) He came home late yesterday and isn't too happy about been stuck in a crate but I need to stop him hopping on the couch. Thank you once again for your kind words and as Sue said I'll try hard to not let it rule my life!! I guess as the emergency centre said" it's a little easier sometimes to notice their stomachs enlarged" some other breeds are more difficult. Our daughter is thinking of the stitch been done in her newfies for peace of mind. And I certainly will go straight to the emergency centre and not my local vet. Many thanks Dianne, Ruby & Poppy. X

Dianne I feel for you as I too have had a boy who has bloated at age 4 and he did it 4 times in all. I learned how to wind him and always keep Infacol handy for days when he seems prone to wind (just a squirt in the mouth prior to feeding)

He is now age 10 and no signs at all. He was always skinny and after his series of bloating we never gave kibble dry again but soaked overnight and put him back on 4 meals a day, which he is still on now. He must have had a problem with malabsorbption as with the smaller meals and pre soak he began to gain weight. We also used enzyme powder for quite some time. I also give him a symbiotic probiotic tablet each day. Also never food at least 1 and 1/2 half hours either side of excercise. Also no major drinking after exercise or after food. Hope this helps. Julie

Hi Julie, thank you so much for your advice I've taken it all on board. And I am sorry you have had to deal with this horrid condition to, more than once :(( Interestesting some of your suggestions and I have looked into them. Our daughter in law has a curly coat retriever that bloats all the time and it has had exploratory surgery and the stitch placed. So she was extremely interested in your treatment ideas, thank you so much for taking the time Julie. I truly hope I don't have to deal with this again. Dianne and Red Kids x

Dianne, I am so sorry to read your post here.  I haven't been active on ES for months, but I hope Flame has continued to improve and is back to his old self.  chers, Cheryl

Thank you Cheryl, yes he is but as I just saud when I answers Susans post it's such a hard, hard thing to pull yourself back together from. Lots of guilt and now every night before I go to bed I hug him and check his stomach that it looks ok, in fact I check all the redkids just to be sure and hope for the best. Other ES members have told me to not let it rule my life but unfortunatey it's a little hard. He'd feathers ate growing slowly back to hide the physical scars and we are trying to move on. He's enjoying the dam again and he's tennis balls and I look at him and realise why I so adore this truly beautiful natured breed of dog. And o can't wait till I get another lol. Take care Dianne and Irish x

Bloat from my experience definitely runs in families/lines. Unfortunately there is little disclosure by some breeders who go to great lengths to "hide' the facts which means others innocently use dogs not aware they have bloated..

The same applies to epilepsy , a breeder just recently  instructed  a person to take down a posting which implicated their breeding. 

Hello Greg, I'm not in anyway experienced to to say this but I do agree with you in the case of my boy bloating. The fact he was found wandering on the streets at seven months and picked up by the ranger makes me think there was something maybe health wise that led to him being dumped. He's never been in my opinion the healthiest of setters, hence when I adopted him from the RSPCA I took out petplan insurance what a relief!! I tried hard to find he's breeding lines but no luck, I just wanted to help him as much as I could. He's a large Irish compared to my two girls. So I guess when the time comes to choose another of these beautiful dogs I'll know and understand more. But I'm a sucker for saving one so I guess if one crosses my path I'll most likely take it :)))

You are an angel for taking these Irish into your home and heart Dianne. Enjoy your cheeky Irish pack. Flame is lucky to be surrounded by his caring girls.




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