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Just a bit of a light hearted thread.  Bess showed me her intelligence today, and I was interested in what your setters do which have your jaw dropping open?

She had two hare shoulders for tea - horrible bloody things, but they are her favourite (along with rabbit).  She gets them for a treat, and I have an old blanket that I put down on the kitchen floor and she's learned that she has to lie on that and eat them, rather than getting the carpet dirty.

Well, tonight she decided she'd take the first one into the lounge to eat - I could just seem my cream rug getting ruined so yelled at her to take it back to the kitchen.  She obviously wanted our company (and who doesn't prefer eating in front of the TV? :0) ) and didn't move - so I yelled at her again to 'wait' whilst I got an old fleece out and put that down instead.

She only stood there holding it in her mouth until I put the fleece down under it.  She then put it on the fleece and proceeded to eat it.  Five minutes later she got up, went out to the kitchen, got the second one and brought that back in and put that on the fleece to eat that one.

Now I couldn't have taught her that trick, but somehow she's cottoned on that mum goes a bit silly unless there's a blanked or something under certain foods. 

No other breed I've had would ever have had a clue what to do in this situation! 


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I'm glad it's not just me! :0)

Yes Steo is the same. Most of the others come running in from the garden, when I call, but Steo stands and watches til he sees the treat in my hand and is ready to run for it, if it doesn't actually go into his mouth:))!

Bella's motto is 'Woss it worth?'

She's been known to have an empty meter halfway round a showring and she's waited for a treat top-up before she gets back to the judge. In your dreams, babe!

I thought this might raise a smile.

I had asked my son to get some large cans of dog food.When we are out the dogs are seperated from our living room by a child safety gate.

This is what he wrote to me:

Hi Dad

You left me too much money! 10x £1.59 =£15.90 So i owe you ???? Your starter for ten!
I was not happy!! I parked the landrover opposite the house and carried the food across the road, all, and i do mean all, the plastic bags broke and i had to chase the food around the road!Until i found nine! It took me a minute or two to find the tenth and got them all in a row on the wall! I rang the bell, and again! No b***** in! I am hot now and a bit miffed! So i go back to landrover and search my pocket for my spare keys(lucky i had them) which has your key on! I get in the house and then have to ferry them two at a time to the table whilst a mad dog does twirls and jumps through hoops tweeting a doggy tune! Eventually the dog food is in and i start to relax(bad move).
I try and open the gate to let the dogs in and so i can put the dog food away for my not so loved(at this point) father. As i try and open the gate the mad hatter twirly dog jumps his paws on top of the gate so i pull a little harder and the gate come from its hinges! I am hotter now and a little crosser! I then spend ten minutes trying to re fit the gate whilst the hound of the nuttervilles jumps on top of it but at last successes! No its some kind of chinese puzzle! If the gate is fitted the living room side it wont shut!!! Crosser and even hotter!! I take of three layers of clothes and my hat off. I manage to solve the ancient Chinese puzzle of the gate!! Hooray i say in more of a swear. I then have to ferry the madhounds dog food to the cupboard in the out house.!! 
I find an envelope with money and "James" written on it. They bloody knew they would be out!!!
Hot and tired i drag myself to the back door and release the Mad dog monster to the outside and collapse!!
Sainsburys deliver you know!

That's priceless:))))

I really had a good laugh...cheered up this grey day, and I could really SEE it happening. Your son has a gift with words, and experience of living with setters just made it all the more vivid:)))

Thanks for sharing. 

Great story James;o))) Love the "Hound of the Nuttervilles" bit;o)))

Very funny Howard, your son has described Setters to a tee (",)

Come on Howard, find us a few more like this. SOOOOOOOOOOO  funny.<:0)

PS Did you know you would be out ? or did you watch from a hiden room !!!!!

Yes and no! James finishes work ,normally ,at 5pm and we were home by then but he had finished work early.Glad you enjoyed it,Joan and I laughed a lot!


Our setter Bronte would be waiting for me by the front door ever time I was coming back home from being out. The garden was enclosed so couldn't see the car coming round into the close we think that it was that it was the sound of the engine she could hear, her little nose would be pushed up against the glass looking out to the drive.


Our boy puppy Oscar is a surface surfer and knicks everything he possible can, I had put a piece of baked ham cooked on top of the mircowave which is on a kitchen worktop but sits back. He had worked out that if he hit the mircowave door hard enough the plate would wobble and fall off. Him and his sister enjoyed my baked ham at christmas.

People think they are unintelligent because they enjoy life and like to run about in gay abandonment barking at anything like birds, butterflies and flies !!

I love reading everyones stories the different things their Setters get up to.

Mine likes to fish.  We don't get to do a lot of field work, so he has invented his own.  You can see him in the dinghy: what he's doing is looking down into the water for a fish.  Sometimes we will row around the shallows with him draped over the pontoon while he wags his tail happily and waits for something to zoom off across the bottom, then he fakes going after it.   When we go for a walk along the beach, he will wade, happily wagging his tail and pouncing on anything that moves.  Sometimes I tie him to the dinghy and he will tow it around, fishing.  He will stay in until he's hypothermic if I let him.




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