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Hi I have got a five month old setter boy I have always had girls are they any different to the girls apart from the obvious anatomy lol just wondered what other setter owners thoughts on this were

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I agree with Malkie! They are all individuals, but my one and only male, Milo has been hard work, as his hormones have distracted him more during training sessions;o)) Too busy looking at the girls;o)) But he is as affectionate as my girls, but not more so!! They are all sweet;o)

Yep.....I agree with Malkie and Carmel both boys and girls are just as loving as each other. My boy is sooky but I honestly think I had something to do with that :0)) One thing is for sure that both boys and girls have that ever loving, rollicking nature only a setter owner would know :0))).
By the way Angeline, your wee little boys photo is too cute :0)

I have had 2 boys and 1 girl, only difference is that Cara is gentler than the boys when she wants to do things.  They hug the same though.  She is less a mommy's girl than they are mommy's boys

Hi Angeline, well i have had four boys so far so can't really tell if there is any difference of course but on observation it seems to me that girls might be a bit gentler!! The boys cn be very boisterous at times! Hormones are a problem for boys as well as girls i think...one of mine is always distracted when there is a girl around lol!! They are all loving though.....hope your little baby brings you much joy xx


Hi angeline.

We've had quite a few of both sexes. All I can say is the girls always end up as the 'boss' even if one of the dogs thinks he is:)) Our first bitch was always a bit more aloof than the boys we had before her, everything on her terms, but all the others have been just as soppy as the boys.

I think you are right Tia my oldest girl has always been the boss with ruby before and it's looking the same with Harvey although where's a ruby always submitted to her so far Harvey still trying lol

Hi Angeline

Over the last 23 years I have owned 4 male and 4 female English Setters. Even though boys are different from girls, because they just are, my personal experience has shown that their sex has nothing to do with their temperaments.  For instance, none of my boys have ever been interested in or distracted by any female dog in season. My boys and my girls are equally as loving and devoted to me. My boys and my girls are each unique and special in ways which are unrelated to their sex. My dogs (and my horses) have always come to me when the time has been right and each one of them is perfect.


Thanks for your reply

I have always had boys (8) and of course 'boys will be boys' but of course an Irish Setter is an Irish Setter. That's helpful right? :)  I guess I've gone with boys because they're bigger and didn't want to worry about the whole heat business.  When I had my first back in the Stone Age, I rented a cabin in the woods from some people who lived nearby and had a female Golden. The woman was always admonishing me to keep my boy in if their dog was in heat.  Well, one day I put him on a line just outside the door while I was inside. Now guess what happened. Yup. The Golden got loose and bingo, tied up and all. The lady actually had the puppies aborted which I never quite understood.

They would have been lovely puppies as well.There were some of that cross around my area a few years ago and they were beautiful.

Joan and I have had boys and girls and they all have the same lovely setter nature but the girls are probably more gentle and home loving...........maybe! The bitches ,when we have had both sexes together,which we usually do are definitely the ones in charge,although the males think they are.




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