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Hi I have got a five month old setter boy I have always had girls are they any different to the girls apart from the obvious anatomy lol just wondered what other setter owners thoughts on this were

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"The bitches ,are definitely the ones in charge,although the males think they are."

I like that Howard, every now and then I pretend I'm in charge but sadly....

Bess is my first IS, and my first bitch. My first dog was an ES, then a Freat Dane, then a Cocker Spaniel. Bess is, by far, the most challenging dog I've ever owned. None of the others were allowed on the sofa. She basically told us it was her place from day one!!

She's also the only dog to have stolen my husband's heart. Bitch or breed? I think it's a bit of both. :0)

I've grown up with both dogs and bitches of various breeds and always preferred the boys. Can't be dealing with all the false pregnancies and accompanying hysteria. I prefer the physical solidity and mental steadfastness that boys can offer. Obviously that very much depends on age and how they are raised and kept. I now have three boys at home - 1 human and 2 canine, my idea of heaven. Mind you I don't know how they cope with the bitch from hell...  :)

P.S. How cute is your little one?!

have had equal amounts of male and female irish setters and right enough the girls were definately the boss but my boys were so much more loving,only have girls now and I so miss my boys.

Well I am guessing it really comes down to they are all different because Tia is very affectionate but will never give kisses ruby was just a big sook and would lick you to death and new boy Harvey is also very affectionate and I also agree girls are the bosses thank you for all your comments

I have always had girls and so did my parents, I was always put off boys as they cock their legs all the time up our flowers walls anywhere.

I then use to walk my girl with 3 great Danes and a Lab all boys and watching how they were with their owners was very endearing.

When we had our first litter we were always going to keep a girl but fell in love with one of the boys and couldn't sell him so we kept 2 firstly not a great idea keeping 2 from the same litter and won't do that again but that's another story.

Oscar is a dream and so loving although my girls are too but that's Setters for you anyway. I would have a boy again  over a girl so many less problems as they get older but Oscar is only 7 months old so things may be a bit different as he gets older and starts taking an interest in girls ! ! 

Hi pipa we have only had Harvey just about 4weeks and I think he is more affectionate than my girls and so much calmer as well I don't know if its a boy thing or the fact he was sold and returned to the breeder then we bought him but he is just adorable we had a problem for the first 2weeks getting him to go out in the dark but thankfully we have got that sorted now I think he was possibly put out and left out to long so we spent the first couple of weeks leaving the door open (and trust me we froze for the 2weeks lol ) we had him up the woods today for the first time of the lead and he was a wee star




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