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BREEDING CONDITIONS in your breeding club / country?

Hi everyone,

I need your help. I write an article for our breeding club (Setter and pointer club in Czech republic www.mskao.cz) about breeding conditions across Europe (or world, if there is anybody out of Europe).

My question to you: WHAT ARE BREEDING CONDITIONS in your country? (or in your club in your country, if there is more breeding clubs in your country...) I mean - what must your dog/bitch meet to become stud dog/brood bitch?

For example, in Czech republic (www.mskao.cz) are breeding conditions:

1) Dog show - one mark excellent or very good

2) Hunting tests - natural ability testing - simply working in field with an emphasis on inherit abilities of pointers - pointing, speed, quality of nose, system of searching, desire to work, behavior after the shot... and all these disciplines in highest possible ranking - 4 points from 4 possible.

... or Field Trial with minimal 6 points (mark good).

3) HD X-ray - FCI scale maximum "C".


Please, write your country, breeder club (webpages?) and your breeding conditions.

Many, many thanks for your help!!


... and finally, sorry about my english! :-)

Have a nice day!

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GERMANY  Verein für Pointer und Setter  www.pointer-und-setter.de

1.) 1 show result Very Good or excellent

2.) 1 trial result with at least GOOD points for nose, search and pointing plus shooting test. Nota: FCI trials rank from GOOD/VERY GOOD/EXCELLENT, so here at least VERY GOOD must be achieved.

3.) HD x-ray officially (only one doctor in Germany) A or B

4.) With all three points fulfilled, a pointer/setter may come to the breeding evaluation test, where three judges check carefully every detail and write it down. Dogs are measured and pictures are taken and a long description about every anatomic part is written and later published.

5.) CLAD test is necessary in IS and IRWS, if not herediatery free


regards Christiane Lohmann (one of those three judges of the above mentioned test) 

SWITZERLAND - Setter & Pointer Club Suisse SPCS

For setters to be registered with the Swiss kennel club the breeder must follow the rules set out by both the Swiss Kennel Club and the SPCS:

Terms for breeding as set out be both organisations. Main points being:

1) The dog must pass the 'breeding evaluation' where the dog is assessed by a judge for conformation. At the same event the dog is tested for gunshyness by a working judge. Two shots are fired and the dog should not show fear.

2) health testing: HD A / B & C pass for breeding, but C can only be mated to dogs with A or B.

3) CLAD testing at present for IRWS & IRS

4) the future breeder is visited and the conditions checked where the puppies will be reared, both indoor & outdoor requirements. There are minimum issues as to space and access that need to be fulfilled. The breeding area must be within sight & hearing distance of the breeders living area and the breeder is responsible for socialising the pups. No permit is granted to breeders who are out at work full time.

Hope I haven't forgotten anything...

Oops, thanks Carmel. I forgot the obvious: all pups are microchipped, jabbed, wormed, etc before going to their new homes.

Republic of Ireland

1) Setters must be CLAD and PRArcd1 clear. But I have never been asked for proof of this by the IKC?

2) Pups must be microchipped.


No other requirements and no home checks etc.. A bit of a free for all really!!! Good breeders do testing for hips, eyes etc on a voluntary basis and there is no testing at shows or for hunting ability!!

Hi, in Ireland are breeders directly under IKC? Or some setters club? Or clubs are only for club shows etc...?

These breeding conditions is only for irish setters?? And what are breeding conditions for another breeds - gordon setters, red n white setters, english setters, english pointers? Any idea? :-)


In Ireland most breeders register their puppies with the IKC and you dont need to be a member of a Club to breed! The Clubs organise Shows, training, seminars and Trials(for working dogs) All breeds must be microchipped in order to be registered with the IKC and I am not sure about other breeds as far as health requirements are concerned!!

AUSTRIA: there are two clubs:
Österreichischer Klub für englische Vorstehhunde: http://www.setter-pointer.at/:

normal breeding:
1.) FCI pedigree with 3 generation

2.) 1 show result with good, very good or excellent

1.) FCI pedigree with 3 generation

2.) 1 show result with very good or excellent

3.) Field Trial with very good or Vollgebrauchsprüfung (highest hunting test) with 75% points

4.) HD A, B or C  (C only with A partner)

5.) CLAD free or carrier  (carrier only with free partner )

There are nealy no quaility-breeding litters, most are normal-breeding. But I dont know any breeder of normal breeding, who does not do hip scores of their breeding stock.

The other club is Österreichischer Setter Club  www.setter.at:

1.) HD A or B

2.) CLAD clear

3.) Wesenstest ( Behavior Test)

4.) 1 show result with very good or excellent
I could not find anything about FCI-pedigree.

Hope it is correct!





- HD A & HD-B (not every vet is allowed to do the HD -- 5 clinics only)

- very good or excellent
- Wesenstest: this test combines different things not only hunting!

  1. quality of the nose (the dog has to follow a rabbit trail)
  2. dog has to find and point  animals
  3. daily routine test (playing with the owner & diff. male and female) pedestrian zone, circle,dorsal position, optical (handicapped person with a stick, bicycle rider) and  acoustic (motorbike) parcours, walk on different underground
  4. shooting test

- age of the dogs: bitch: from 2 - 8 years, dogs: 1,5 - 10 years
- max. age for the first litter: 5 years (bitch)
- all our puppies have a FCI pedigree


No rules for stud dog/brood bitch...all dogs can have puppies here :-(

Pups must be microchipped


For SIS (Irish Setter Club of Italy) but not obligatory...just if you want:

The male or bitch need to have Italian Working test - Very Good minimum and they can be Selected Stud Dog/Brood bitch


No more here!

Nobody use HD Test (it is not obligatory for Irish, just for English Setters) - No body know nothing about CLAD-PRA-MO...so bad thing!!!!

In Italy is possible to breed directly under ENCI or breeder must be member of some "setter club"?

Many thanks for informations!

Is there anyone from Great Britain, Belgium, France, Spain?...  :-)


And question - in breeding conditions - isn´t limited height of dogs? (minimum, maximum?)

In theory, Yes: Height should be according to the relevant FCI standard. But I have seen dogs outside the standard pass...




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