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Hi everyone,


My Irish girl Tia is 9.5yrs old now and has had an intermittent cough for some time. My vet prescribed antibiotics but these did not help, then her poo was tested for lungworm which came back negative. She had an x-ray on Friday last week and was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis as there were 'doughnut' shaped changes in her lungs. They also sent some samples away for cytology to see if they can find a cause. I just wondered if anyone else has an Irish that suffers from this? If so, any ideas how to ease her coughing without the use of steroids?

Thanks, Danielle

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Hi Danielle, My first Irish had Bronchitis. This would have been about 17 years ago. My vet told me that I could give him a human cough medicine. I too had Bronchitis many years ago and had a gastly cough medicine called Brondecon (disgusting taste, but very good medicine). So, I treated him with this cough medicine (as well as the antibiotics from the vet). I have since given my current dog some cough medicine as she recently had a tracheitis. There should be some herbal or homeopathic remedies out there for you to consider as well. cheers, Cheryl
Hi Danielle, My pup Reuben has had an intermittment cough since approx 11 weeks old (he is 9 months now) and had 2 xrays, 2 bronchoscopies, and several courses of antibiotics, lung worm treatment etc,etc and all we know is that he has fluid on his lungs but yet to be diagnosed. He is now on nothing and waiting to see what happens next. It is so frustrating as we do not know the cause. Nothing shows up on samples in the lab either.
I do hope the vets find a cause and cure for Tia as like me i don't want Reuben on steroids. I think Reuben's problem is more to do with his trachea/osephagus and the cough is very throaty as though trying to bring flemgh up but nothing does come.
Sorry I am not any help to you but just to say I have a similar problem which is quite interesting. Hope Tia's is sorted soon as apart from the worry, the financial implications and insurance chasing is exhausting!
Thank you Cheryl and Louise. I will try the cough medicine, my vet agrees it might help. And it is very frustrating when you don't get a difinitive diagnosis. I have had the results back from the lab now, so I know it's not viral and most likely to be an allergy causing her inflammation and chronic lower airway disease. The culture swab taken came back negitive which will be why the antibiotics didn't help. I really would rather not have her on steroids but my vet thinks this will be the best treatment for her. Apart from long term side effects, I'm worried about her urinary incontinence getting out of control again as steroids increase her thirst! Aarrrgghh...what to do for the best??
I'm sorry to hear about Reuben, and I hope you get to the bottom of it soon.
If it is an allergy, can't they do a test to find out what the triggers are? We have vet dermatologists here in the US and it can in the end be cheaper to find out what she is allergic to. If it is something outside, seasonal, then perhaps knowing can help you avoid that area of weeds or trees, if it is food related, then you easily eliminate that from her diet. From past experiences, we now go right to the specialists to find out what to do. We spent too much on not knowing in the past. The regular vets just aren't always experienced enough to know what is going on. Seasonal triggers are so tough, just like for humans. But you can then treat her during that season and know that perhaps in the winter she will be okay. Some find out it is something in the house causing it, again you can then address it as you find out. Best wishes for you!




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