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hi Gang,
Memphis is a great dog very little problems but one major one.
He has conditioned himself that my husbands car makes him sick. When we brought him home he was sick then the next trip unfortunately longer he must have thrown up a dozen times projectile hit the front of the car. I was so worried we called into the vet didn't know a little pup had so much fluid in him.
I started to just sit in the car over three weeks with him fed him in the car drove down the drive and back then a little up the road and back he had a walk then back in the car then out again another walk still no good had to lift him in where instantly the drooling started. We have the window down enough for the air pressure tried back, front and crate still terrified. popped another dog in still scared.
We had him on Kwell for sickness and then special anti-sick tabs. From the vet. So not sick anymore in the car. We then tried not putting him in for three months tried again and he just threw himself down and cried, I can't force him just to cruel.
On to my old car we go miles rattling around he loves it as any other car so unless you brainy lot have any other ideas we are thinking changing the car is the only answer. In my car never had travel tablets he stands laughing looking out the window. my car is great for walks etc but not long distance holidays by the time we got there be time to come home.
Cheers Rosie

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I had this with Bridie,

try putting him in the car and turn engine on/off,

then trips around the block and increase the trips as you go on, and praise him when he doesn't cry

i did this 3/4 times a day,

she was all good after a few weeks

good luck

Hi, I have tried that and more, he has always had mountains of praise never been anywhere nasty.
As I said only the one car happy as a lark in every other car.
Thanks Rosie

Like Viv, there are some cars I have felt very sick in whilst in the back, but not in any other car.  I couldn't tell you why I felt sick in that particular car, but I do and wont go in the back anymore.  It could be a motion thing, it could be a sound thing, as dogs hearing is more sensitive than humans.

Hi Rosie,

Maybe there is a smell or a noise in your husband's car that makes him scared or sick?

Pitanga is an amazing traveler, but once in a friends car we had a small accident (nobody was hurt) and she got very scared - I was never able to make her confortable in that particular car ever again! Another friend has the same brand, same model, same year and she is fine in it!

Romã gets sick in leather seat cars, I guess it is the smell...

Other than these aspects, the are both amazing travelers: we do about 300 km every week, with no problems!

Hi Rosie

We had the same problem with one of our old girls.

Would travel for miles in my landrover no problem at all...but if she went in my husbands citroen she was so sick and hated it ( I also could not travel far in his car had the same affect on me).

Riley gets sick in the Landrover unless he has sealegs which has sorted the problem.


Hi Finn,
Memphis is not car sick anymore the last time was when he was 11 weeks old all in all he was sick four times.
I can go anywhere any distance in any car even a Falcon the same as ours different colour of course and fine no drooling panting or yawning, he has defiantly conditioned himself that this car is not nice. He does not have car sickness tabs any more.
Thanks for all your ideas still think the end might be to sell the darn car.

Hi Nicola,

I wonder if your problem is pure motion sickness. I used Kwell recomended by my vet it is for humans so that may settle his tum. We started off with ginger and Bach flower that stoped him from throwing up on very short trips as will ginger bikkies.  If it is the car i have tried everything he just hides and fights to get away, I can have roast chook, beef you name it and he will not come near, try leaving it on the bench ha gone in a flash.

I am at the point of saying save for another car as even his little friend happily sat there does not work.

best of luck. Rosie


Hi Nicola

this is the worst litter I have ever had for travelling. You need to get hold of some Primatour they worked like magic on my two.

they are only available in Holland, I had some brought over for me at a show but they can be ordered on -line. I don't have the link but if you can't find it just put a request on this site & you will get plenty of replies.

I gave one tablet 1 hour before travelling but will reduce it to half soon. Sealegs, Sturgeron & some from the vets at nearly £10 per tablet were all useless.

good luck   Jane 

Maybe "DAP Spray Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray" can help


that is an interesting one Rosie it's clearly not a motion problem just fear and association with that car those memories are burned in by the sounds of it .I'm going through a fear related problem with Elton and my sister (dog trainer/ behaviourist for those who may read this) mapped out a plan starting with what can he do 'without' fear if he begins to show fear/anxiety you have gone too far. maybe all he can do is to walk by the car without fear, do that at minimum 10 times before you change anything such as an open door each step requires 10 repeats where the dog is calm, at any point of anxiety you have to go back to a level he can succeed calmly. Slow process it may just be easier to sell the damn car. cheers Peter

Hi Peter,

I think save up and sell the car is the best idea. He goes via Ballarat to go past it.

cheers Rosie

Hi Peter,

I have terrible trouble with my bitch who starts to drool when she sees the car or the dog trailer. Have tried her with everything from Sealegs to super-expensive tablets from the vet. Nothing worked so I am going to try your sister's method. It never affected her personality. When she got to the show I just had to clean her up and she was ready to go!

Are you coming to Sydney in April?






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