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Hi everyone,
Well off the back of the letter we sent to our neighbours about the RSPCA call, everyone came back and said they didn't complain.  So I called the RSPCA to find out and she said she can't access the records but she said the inspector would have shown his ID and left a reference number.  This made me very suspicious because the inspector who came round did not show ID.  The lady on the phone also said he should have been wearing branded clothing and Dan said he just looked like he was wearing a plain navy coat. He was so blindsided by the fact that the RSPCA knocked that he didn't think to ask for ID.  The lady on the phone told me in staffordshire a couple of years ago they had a big problem with bogus RSPCA officers and they used it as an excuse to find out exactly what kind of dog you have to find out if they are a threat on break in and to find out when you are and aren't there.

Anyway we went over to number 2 who were the ones we thought had made the complaint and they said honestly, we know nothing about it and we know that dogs bark, it's just at 2am they get upset.  I said if there are any problems with him just come over and let us know and we will sort it reasonably.  So the neighbours are diffused but they also told me that down the road two weeks ago was an attempted burglary by someone with two knives who was apprehended and arrested by the police.

So I just want to make you aware, with all the evidence, it actually looks like the officer who came over may have been bogus.  The fact he asked Dan when he was in and the fact that Ollie doesn't whine or cry outside coupled with a few people on my last post saying RSPCA don't even respond to noise disturbances as they are council issues just make me think something's not right.

PLEASE be careful who you are opening your door to especially this time of year, it could be your house or god forbid your dog that they are after.

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What a worry, Nicky. Have you considered reporting this to your local police? It may link up with other reports they've received, or they might want to do an extra patrol in your neighbourhood during the coming nights, or release a warning in your local paper to make others aware that this is going on.
Hi Nicky I am very aware of nasty dog thieves especially at this time of year. This is why we have alarms everywhere both on the house and in the kennels.
I am very sorry to hear this has happened to you you must report it to the police and it might be an idea to contact your local newspaper,although they will stop at nothing if they wish to get a dog away from a property,
I trust Ollie is microchipped just in case. When you let him out in the garden go with him over the next few days dog theft from gardens is quite common.
Lets hope they will not worry you again.
Take Care Deexx
It might be a good idea to buy a Doberman that doesn't ask questions! Just kidding. ;-)
I agree with Rebecca and Dee, warn the police, the local papers and everyone in your neighbourhood. I don't think they are after Ollie, but it is wise to keep an eye on him.

Take care,


Oh gosh!!!! great, at least, that  you may have sorted the cause then!! so scary, and thanks for alerting us! Of course if somebody claiming they are from RSPCA knock the door there are other worry than asking an ID.. so its very helpful to know these things can happen :(((


poor Ollie, keep your eyes open and thanks again for posting!


Hi everyone,

Thanks for your replies, especially to Dee, yes he is microchipped, insured, the whole hog - he's our pride and joy and we'd be devastated if we lost him through something like this.  The neighbours have been really good but the fact that there was an attempted break in through a garden 5 doors down just makes us all the more worried. Much as this is Basildon these are newly built privately own houses with doctors, teachers and police living in them so it's horrifying to think that people this time of year are having to worry about these things.  We have a lot of staffies in the neighbourhood (surprise surprise) and bless, one of my neighbours who owns Beau who is a good friend of Ollie said we could borrow him if he wanted a bit of a guard dog.  I'm speaking to the police later, I don't really want to call the paper as they will want a picture, and being a local teacher I don't really want all my kids knowing my business!

Just be aware and like we said it might not even be RSPCA it could be anyone, so ask for that ID!!! :-)

Thanks Nicky


for letting us know about this as i live in Wickford not far away and have no close nieghbours .

Hi Nicky, I did think it sounded dodgy, you must alert the police ,Speak to  Local Dog Warden, ask your local paper tp print a warning..(.not with your name/address/photos etc obviously) ,dont let your boy out of sight even in your own garden,also alert other people with dogs,try to go walks with some one else  4 eyes are better than 2, keep your Red One Safe.....

Oh my goodness Nicky what a scare
 and I will definitely be careful, thanku for posting.

Gosh, I hope everything is ok and as others have said, thanks for warning us all.

 Thankfully mine are all very vocal when somone rings the doorbell etc. Somthing I was told when at dog training with Jensen this time last year, was to NOT put your dogs name on their dog tag, otherwise god forbid they were taken from the house/garden walk etc, then they would also know the dogs name and no-one would bat an eyelid!!




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