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hy i wonder if any of you have any advice my youngest ruby has had bother on her paw for the last year with a cyst she has been back and forward at the vets constantly with it flaring up they even operated and said they had removed it but it came back she wont leave it alone the collar doesnt deter her we have had to put a muzzle on her so she wont chew at her paw it goes away for a couple of weeks but alwayscomes back shes been on antibiotics foot washes but nothing helps does anybody else have experienceof this   any advice would be much appreciated

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Well I've certainly had different experiences to you all so good luck to you but obviously i and millions of other people don't agree with you

Howard, can you please tell me the active ingredient of the haemorrhoid cream that worked for you? Because in my country every h. cream has a different active ingredient and I would like to know which one to try. Thank you.

Hi! Howard, Petra, Angeline - are the cysts looking like that?

when swollen, something like this, yes.

Yes,like the photo but the ones underneath are more swollen and look like an inflamed extra pad.

The active ingredient in the cream I use is lidocaine. Its brand name is Xyloproct.Germoloid creams are similar.

I hope this helps.


thank you!

Perhaps someone has new experience with cysts or their healing?

I would certainly try any herbal remedy I've had great success over the years. The dog photographed gosh must be so painful. Also very long nails wondering if that would cause problems as the pads won't be able to work properly. Just a thought.

Thank you Rosie. No herbal remedy helped. What do you use? For these cysts?

Yes, nails are some times to long but no impact of cysts.




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