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We were at a show at the weekend and Hubby was looking through the catalogue and he casually said that he thought that some of the names of the dogs were a little ridiculous (his words not mine), and that a lot of them seem to be drinks or song titles!  He also said that if I ever bred a litter that I would choose better names for them.  I then had to tell him that I had thought about it and one may be "Binky The Doormat" at which point he gave me a whithering look as if to say you're potty!  

How do you come up with name you give your pups?

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Bess's kennel name is horrible - I don't like it at all.  Snuggler Honey Pie.  Worse, the breeder was really upset when I told her I would be calling the puppy Bess, and not using Honey Pie!  Can you imagine calling that out in the fields? 

Partly because I don't like the name and wanted to liven it up a bit I treated myself to a late Christmas present and got my own kennel name.  I had to submit about 16 names to the KC before I got one that a) I liked and b) I was allowed to have!  We wanted to go with a rock theme, and ended up with Smokeywater (Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water! lol).  Whether or not I'll ever end up with a litter of puppies I don't know, but it's fun thinking of themes that we could have. 

I haven't yet decided on how to link Snuggler Honey Pie with Smokeywater, so haven't re-registered her yet.  OH prefers 'over', but I'm not sure.  Any suggestions?

I think that works well, Trish.  Snuggler Honey Pie over Smokeywater sounds good.

I think Snuggler Honey Pie meets Smokeywater ;o)) Love your Affix;o)

I have walked dogs in places where if you called Honey pie you would get answered with a proposition

That was one of my concerns!! :0)

Have always wanted a litter of Irish Setter pups, but will have to make do with lambs each year, we don't name them though!  I've heard Irish pups are very hard work anyway. 

You say 'I havn't yet decided on how to link Snuggler Honey Pie with Smokeywater'.  I think that might have answered your question 'Snuggler Honey Pie with Smokeywater' sounds good to me. 

Good point! 

Oh and my first litter in 1997 were all 'Sweet' something, I kept Polmennor Sweet Dreams, my mum had Polmennor Sweet Talk, then there was Sweet William, Sweet Honesty etc. Litters 2 3 and 4 were all named after horses, mostly eventers and show jumpers, from litter number 2 I kept Polmennor Village Gossip Sh CM (my favourite name of them all), from litter number 3 Polmennor For Pleasure, litter number 4 was Polmennor Willow Pattern and the last litter were all 'Fun' with me keeping Polmennor For Fun.

we had a litter before christmas so used seasonal topics   mistletoe kiss/blizzard/gift/ice cool/jack frost /winters night; the second litter we used musical terms adagio /fortissimo allegretto/cadenza/rallentando




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