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Has any member been advised by their vet that the blood test results for their dog revealed Chronic Inflammation? If so, what was the health diagnosis of the dog at the time? How was the diagnosis of Chronic Inflammation explained by the vet? And what treatment was recommended by the vet?  

For those members who have never heard of Chronic Inflammation this is a link to an article in Dogs Naturally magazine http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/nsaids-inflammation-and-a-caut...

I will wait to see if I receive any answers to this question before I explain why I have asked it.

For those members who care about my English Setter, Hobson unfortunately I have to tell you that he is holding onto his life by a thread. I cannot even take one day at a time. When we go to bed at night or when we wake up in the morning, Hobson might appear to be alright. This can change in a matter of hours. Hobson is still fighting and I am beside him 24/7 doing everything I can to help him continue to live. Unfortunately I know only too well that the final outcome is completely out of my hands. It's not over yet though!!

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Oh Susan, I am lost for words to comfort you.With tears in my eyes for you and Hobson I admire you so much, if any animal comes into your life they are the luckiest animals in the world. I am sadened that I don't live closer to give you comfort,if I did you would be the one I would ask to take my babys if any of my animals outlived me. I pray for you and Hobson and am honored to have you as a pen pal. Look after yourself as well dear friend and take care.X

Dear Angela

I wish we lived closer too and I would also ask you to care for my babies. I would love to be able to physically hug you and my ES friends.

I was so distraught yesterday I did not realise that Hobson’s appointment with the vet hospital was 7 days away. I knew in my heart that Hobson was not going to be alive if he had to wait another 7 days for help so I emailed photos of Hobson to the hospital last night. Today Hobson, Misty and I travelled to the hospital. Hobson was admitted to their ICU. I have received some answers but not all the test results have come through. Even though mite scrapings were done in 2012 and were supposed to be clear, this has changed. Hobson has mites in his skin which have grown out of control creating a systemic infection which has eaten away the nerve endings in his neck, spine and all the bones in his body. The vet is hoping the infection is bacterial and not fungal and that they can determine how to treat it. She believes Hobson does not have bone cancer. Even if all goes well it is going to take months of treatment. I am hoping it is not necessary to take a sample from Hobson’s spine. Even if treatment is successful, Hobson’s neck and spine and the rest of his body will never completely recover, but I don’t care as long as he is alive and he can finally enjoy some quality of life. I will know more tomorrow.

Both of Hobson’s kidneys are now enlarged. Hobson only weighs 25-26kg (I am so distraught I cannot remember) even though he is much heavier than he was when I could carry him in my arms. Hobson has been in serious pain for a long time. Hobson’s condition is critical but I have to stay positive that he will survive.

I am so worried about Hobson being alone in this veterinary hospital. I promised him I would never leave him but I had to do this because his body has to be washed with a specific substance to thoroughly clean his skin which I cannot do. I was disappointed the vet did not understand that the reason I am worried about Hobson being away from home is not because of me, it is because I know he will fret badly. She did not want me to visit tomorrow but Misty and I will be travelling up to see our Hobson and there will be nothing she can do about it.

Misty has been such a good girl. She is missing Hobson very much tonight.

Thank you for very much for caring about my boy. He is so courageous and he loves his mum so much. Hobson's 11th Birthday is on 10 June 2014. I am so hoping he will be able to celebrate this day and many more Birthdays to come.

Susan xxxxxx

Hello Susan, have you tried Lectade, I would recommend it, I found some suppliers in Aust. but all vets keep it so you could pick up a sachet quickly.


I wish I had answers for you for Hobson, could you contact a vet you trusted in the past to get a second opinion. The one person in the world whose opinion I would trust is Christopher Day, it might be worth the phone call to see if he could help


Thinking of you both


Thank you for trying to help, Rosie. I will ask the vet about the Lectade Sachets. The vet I used to trust has retired. I'll never allow another GP vet anywhere near my English Setters again. I am hoping we don't get any bad news about Hobson today. I feel sick in the stomach right now, but I'll stay positive. Will let you know how things go. Susan xxxxx

Oh Susan, I think of you and your fur children often. I was hoping things were improving with poor Hobson, I'm so grieved to hear of your trials! I, too, wish we all lived nearer , to help one another. Just know, our prayers are with you!

Thank you Kim, and I know how much you have worried about Hobson. Even though ES members live all around the world, we are still there to care for each other. There were a lot of "knockers" of ES but now we can discuss even very sensitive topics like euthanasia and not have the topic deteriorate. As one ES member wisely pointed out, our viewpoints are formed by our own individual experiences and we are entitled to express these viewpoints. Hobson's own vet turned his back on him which is even worse than his incompetency. However, Cornelia who lives in Switzerland made time in her busy life to help Hobson and she enabled me to connect to a vet in the USA who also tried to help Hobson. The emails and the kind words I have received for Hobson mean a very great deal to me. ES is a very special community and I hope one day our "leader" Gene returns because he started this community with the hope that members would help each other and the dogs we love so much. 

Unfortunately I received very bad news about Hobson. The thought of my losing Hobson tears me apart. Because his vet ignored Hobson and he has lost so much weight this has magnified his health problems. I can honestly say that vets are solely responsible for destroying the health of my beautiful boy, Hobson. They have misdiagnosed and mismanaged his health so badly, as they did with Hammer, that Hobson has to remain in an ICU, as Hammer had to remain in an ICU. However, the vets who work at this particular hospital are trying their very best to save his life. I could not fault any of the vet staff in any way. Hobson could not be in a better place. These vets are giving Hobson a chance to live and I am extremely grateful to each and every one of them.

I took this photo of Hobson today. If you look closely you will see that he is wagging his tail so strongly that it is a blur. I said to Hobson that many human beings love him and they are worried about him, and he understood and he stood up for me. Hobson cannot look at the camera because he cannot lift his neck this high. His bowels have settled now and his appetite has improved. His skin has also improved even in the 5 days he has been in the hospital. Hobson is still alive!!! 

I hope with all my heart that I can show you a photo of Hobson leaving the hospital with his sister, Misty. Even then it is going to be a long road ahead, but at least Hobson will be home with us again. xxxxxx

Hi Susan, I just had a look on ES in hope that you posted any news of Hobson. I'm glad, he is still alive and finally gets the so much needed help. His skin and hair do look better than in the last photo and I'm glad his bowels and appetite have improved and hopefully the diarrhoea is past time now. You speak of very bad news, but maybe you prefer to write this in private. Thank you for the 'flowers', but bringing you in connection with someone who is an expert and give you moral support, was all I could do and Hobson needs so much more! As you say: ES is a special community and I also received help and support from ES members, when our Joy had her first two (and last!!) epileptic fits more than 2,5 years ago. I hope ES does continue as such and that the knowledgable people do not leave altogether or/and become more active again. Wishing Hobson improved health and that he can come home with you and Misty, C & J xxx

Dear Cornelia, the bad news I received is that Hobson may not live another 24 hours and that the next 48 hours were critical. Blood tests were re-run because of Hobson's deterioration in the 3 weeks since his previous blood tests. Hobson's deterioration occurred because of his gross neglect by his vet. In hindsight I am wondering if this is because I asked questions. His associate refused to "get involved" because I had allowed a "non vet illegal practitioner" to save Hobson's life on Good Friday.

This is one of the photos of Hobson I emailed to the veterinary hospital the evening before he was admitted to their ICU. Puss was coming out of Hobson's eyes, both of his ears and his skin. He had developed a massive infection. His kidneys were under attack. The hospital vet was extremely concerned that Hobson's kidneys might fail. Thankfully, Hobson is still alive. However, his kidney function will continue to be a worry for some time to come. I will write more later about the gross misdiagnosis of Hobson's health problems in the hope this might help others.

Susan, sounds like you have finally found people you can trust, that in itself will be a huge relief!
Keep us all up dated on how your precious Hobson and he's treatment is going. In my thoughts and prayers, dear friend. Dianne x

Dear Dianne, Within minutes of Hobson's consultation with the vet at this hospital I thought to myself: Thank goodness I have finally found a "proper vet". Since June 2009 I have never felt happy or confident about any vet who has treated Hobson (or Hammer, Rose and Annie and also Khomet, my Arabian horse). There are serious endemic problems in the vet industry in Australia. I have tried to do something about this myself by contacting my local State Member of Parliament for instance. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. Susan xxxxx

It will be hard for you to leave Hobson in ICU, but it  does sound like he is receiving the excellent and appropriate care he needs at this stage in his battle for life. If extra love and good wishes can help then I send loads to him and his family.




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