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One of my dogs will not come back once let of the lead, he treats it as a game when attempting this, its took up to 4hrs on occasions to get him back this as had to be done by trickery but then he gets wise,he was trained along with his brother and used to do it but not anymore why???

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Is it recall if your dog comes back but doesn't get close enough to leash up? We were having problems with this with Cash. He is always with me in the sense if I am walking a trail he is near me, runs to the fields chases birds but always returns to me, but not close enough to touch. I would have others call him over to them to leash. That wasn't cool so I started to notice that he was darting away when I was leashing him up in the house to leave. I know he wanted to go out but seems to be rather skittish about the actually act of it. I started working on it at home, he would cower when I would approach with the lead, I would just firmly do it, and then hug him all over and praise him. He has now gotten better about it at home. He still sort of cowers but does not run off. He lets me do it. Now at the dog park again he sort of flits away from me hunkering down but is starting to stop moving after I firmly tell him to stay. I think he is learning that nothing bad will happen with the leash up. I have no clue why it scares him but it surely does.
Tell you what else is good fun for a youngster like this. To help get your relationship right .
Sit on an upright chair at home and have your treats to hand. Sit upright and spread your knees apart. Ask him to recall right in between your knees and sit. Put your finger in his collar and treat him before you let him go.

Its a confidence thing and he learns ro come in really close. It also changes any association the dog has made with a poor recall body position. Sitting down is not a threat! Maybe try sitting down to put his lead on
No he wears a regular collar. Never used a prong and just this past week my husband tried a choke chain for the first time for a few minutes then switched back over since he knows I don't like them since bad pullers can damage their tracea if not used by someone with a clue on how to use it. I will start a new thread because I just found yesterday a halter that is working like a miracle! Great idea Ossian thanks. Will start working on that tonight in fact.




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