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One of my setter friends who is not a member of this forum has a 10 year old bitch who suddenly developed symptoms that her vet is struggling to diagnose, those of you on facebook probably know about her already.

Her bitch was in rude health & then suddenly lost the use of all 4 limbs, initially she also lost head control & had difficulty breathing.The vet originally diagnosed her as having meningitis & she was treated with oxygen & steroids.  Within 2 days she regained head control & was able to breath on her own. 

Now 5 weeks later her symptoms are as follows:


She has full head control & is very alert & bright with full cognition, she can bark (although her 'voice' has changed) & she eats & drinks without difficulty, she has control of her bladder & bowel functions but is paralysed in all 4 limbs.....strangely though she can wag her tail & has always been able to do so.

Her rear legs & 1 of her front legs are demonstrating flaccid paralysis but the other front leg seems to have spastic paralysis & is quite rigid on passive movement.  When supported with a belly band & 'stood' the spastic leg is the only one she attempts to move.

She has no sensation behind her neck area, apart from her tail & all reflexes are absent. investigated

When I have investigated on the internet the only syndrome which seems to encompass all her symptoms is coonhound disease.  Does anyone have experience of this disorder or know of any dogs with the symptoms Monkey has?

Although her owner isn't a member she does follow this webpage & would be grateful for any advice people can offer.

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It could be lower motor neuron disease.The symptoms seem to fit all that you have said.

Maybe this will help:


However,although I feel a great deal of symparthy for your setter friend,if it were my dog I would not let her carry on like this.

I have no experience of such illness in animals only people with eg Guillain-Barré Syndrome (which I think is Coonhound disease). Has your friend been refered to a specialist neurology vet? Is she on medication at the present time? I know humans can have immunoglobulins and plasmapheresis. Bless her I hope that she recoves quick - will follow your news.




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