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Just wanted to wish all you Crufts goers a fantastic time.


Good luck to you all. Enjoy.

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This was a reply to Sara! ;-)

I for one am not gloating Mel.


Yes KC and Crufts have made a step in the right direction. No the vets report has not been published yet from what I can tell. It was great that out of the 8 breeds only 3 have been refused BOB so far. This is only part of crufts so I would expect the general feeling to be positive, especially if this was not your breed.

 I am positive about the new health checks. Love all dogs but especially Irish setters. Try love and respect most animals.

Same old Mel.  Again you have misinterpreted my post and summed them up in your own fashion. No not going to join another group, or get another breed or buy a new car!!!  Mel you come across as being less than accurate in your opinions about my posts, in fact way off the mark

Hope every one enjoyed their involvement in another day at crufts. Have loved watching all the dog events that are part of Crufts.

Mel you may not hear from them. You have accused 3 people of something which in each case may be incorrect. They may not bother to honor your accusation with a reply. This will not mean that what you accused them of is true. Perhaps they will shake their head and sigh but not post.

Hope this ends up in the right place as I am sending this from my phone. Rhonda......3 breeds out of 8. Get your facts straight. First day the Peke out of the Toy group. 23 breeds exhibited. The Bulldog out of the Utility Group 24 breeds exhibited. Second day the Clumber out if the Gundog group, 32 breeds exhibited. That makes it 3 out of............how many? You can count, I hope.

I am so sorry that you guys feel  the need to gloat   and actually your attitude does not help the cause (Val ? Astrid /Rhonda) etc.    If you want to join some of the other fraction movements then feel free but you do not come across as lovers of IS to me or any other breed for that matter!  If you can only see the negative then...........

Eva C. Welcome, I wondered when another part of the pack would pop up.

You are right I was incorrect. It should have been 15 breeds not 8. 

The fifteen high profile breeds are as follows: Basset Hound, Bloodhound, Bulldog, Chow Chow, Clumber Spaniel, Dogue De Bordeaux, German Shepherd Dog, Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff, Pekingese, Shar Pei, St Bernard, French Bulldog, Pug and Chinese Crested.

I can count darling and I have corrected my mistake. You have also taken my reply to mean something completely different. Easy to do on this one I admit. But it is the nasty way you put it that makes it worth correcting.

Lovely to see a self stacked dog with a wagging tail go best in group. They all looked lovely. Well done to the winners and all dogs that participated.

Old as in predicatable! Mel Not playing on words but taking the time to correct your summing up of my replies. Bit boring really.

I was not being selfish just pointing out the obvious that if they do not reply it is not that they agree with your opinionated reply, they probably just can't be bothered with you. Never posted with Astrid or Sara in the past but no doubt your little pack will turn up sooner or later.

Now back to Crufts. The coverage of the confirmation has not taken priority but has allowed a more balanced coverage of everything that is happening. Would always like more on each discipline.  Such a wonderful celebration of all things Doggy.

" taking the time to correct your summing up of my replies. Bit boring really."

Wrong again ol' Mel. The process of correcting you is boring. I did not reply that I was boring.

Wish I could be at Crufts but have to watch what has been posted on Websites instead. Not boring though, just wish there were longer sessions.


I would just like to congratulate our IS breeders and exhibitors who were at Crufts to show off this beautiful breed. Well done to all of you for your care and patience in protecting them

And this is a good place to congratulate Margaret and co-owners the Rowles on their dog Tullamore Troubador and his breeder Jane Valentine on his winning the dog ticket.

He looked a worthy winner and as the judge said, 'he could not be denied'... or words to that effect ;o])) .... and the surprised ringside could not help but agree!  And then the puppy dog and bitch winners being his children - Well tails wagging all over the place!!!





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