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Just wanted to wish all you Crufts goers a fantastic time.


Good luck to you all. Enjoy.

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You are right, no one was sniping at any breed. We were discussing the health checks which was a Crufts process and news. Not nasty, or personal but being positive about sharing information regarding these health checks. But then in comes Mel, Eva C and Sue!!!

My deepest apologies to Tracy for confusing her with Sue H. I hope you will accept. I am only armed with a cup of tea and a red face. Sorry once more.

Must look up the name of the Irish Water Spaniel. We have one breeder at the end of our street. I am sure she will want to chat about the exciting result.

Just watched the group 3 group run off again. Beautiful happy healthy bunch in the spot light. Worthy of praise in any breeds forum. Makes you proud to be a gundog owner and happy inside.


I think it is the way you go about the things you write Rhonda which tends to put people's back up and they retaliate.  You say But then in comes Mel, Eva C and Sue. Well believe me whenever you post a comment my first reaction is "oh no....here comes Rhonda again!" Your comments do not make for good reading and please please refrain from constantly "correcting" people.  You do not like it when it is done to you.  Can you not just say "I don't agree with your last point"  then the discussion can carry on.  You are not always right, I am not always right but that is the nature of debate. Instead you come steaming in with a facetious remark (as you have above) and unsurprisingly, you get a facetious remark back and off we go again.  You object to being called a lady (from a previous thread) but if you are not a lady then what are you.  I used it as a courtesy and a compliment.

I agree with Tracy, let us all step back.  This is a happy thread.  I have just come back from a fabulous day at Crufts where I judged a beautiful entry of lovely, healthy bitches, not a defect or limp in sight.  Both the dog and the bitch CC winners were by my Louis.  The dog is the top IS and has been for the last two years. He won the CC at Crufts last year.  My cup runneth over, as they say. To watch both of them moving round the ring was an absolute joy.  I came home with a happy heart.  This is what it is all about.  Neither the English, the Irish nor the IR&W are on the list of 15 breeds and the Gordon Setter got through to the Group so we must be doing something right.  As Sue said....this is a site for Setters........let us celebrate that and not be so negative.  Yes, there are breeds who have health issues.  It is not something to gloat about but to be sorry for.  We hope that all the breeds on the "Breeds to Watch" list address their own issues and I am sure we would all wish them good luck and success in doing so.  I am sure that many of you might think that the KC is not doing enough but this is a start and if by preventing certain breeds from going forward in the group produces a positive result then it could be encouraged to do more.  From small acorns..............

Check the thread of replys Eva C. It was your friend Mel who came in steaming with facetious remarks. My last reply after Tracey 33 minutes ago was a happy one. Shame you did not control yourself and follow the example.

I was responding to your comment of an hour ago which was far from happy.  However first you correct now you scold......you must be a school teacher.  My very good friend Mel doesn't come steaming in with anything.....she reacts to something that has already been said.  She is a very caring person and she has a very strong sense of unfairness.  It is always someone elses fault, isn't it.

Reference being hapyy please re-read my 2nd paragraph.

I think you will all agree that Irish setters are a warm,happy,friendly,non-aggressive and forgiving breed.I think we owners should take a leaf out of their book!

I totally agree. It is getting extremely boring when every topic becomes hijacked by all this nonsense
Hear, hear Howard can I add with tongue in cheek tearaway, unpredictable, untrainable, attention seekers!!!

Another link. I think I am not hijacking this topic. The title is Crufts and not Irish Setters at Crufts! ;-)

Astrid, perhaps just to balance the debate, you might like to post a link showing dogs with none of these defects for, after all, the KC lists only 15 breeds in the "Breeds to Watch" register.  It is a very small percentage of the total number of breeds exhibited at Crufts.

Thank you Astrid. There is no discussion regarding the link which is very thoughtful of you. That way any one who does not want to know what is on the link can choose not to open it.




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