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I will be visiting Crufts for the first time this year obviously on Gundog day, I was just wanting any useful tips of this to do and things to avoid. I have never done any sort of dog shows previously so any information would be very helpful. Thanks

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Where sensible shoes....lol.....and bring your own food, (it costs a lot there) and don't drink too much (the loo's are always full and the waiting is horendous)...and I hope that you will enjoy every moment.....have fun..there are a lot of us ES folk there....

I've only been once before but everything that has been said is very true.  I'd just add that if you want to see the group judging, go early or else you won't get a seat.  

Have a great day!

I was hoping to go but can't this year.

The food is not only expensive but our experience last time was that it wasn't very good anyway.

It gets very hot there.

I would also advise that you buy a programme or a plan,you'll need it!

I hope you enjoy the experience.

Lot of very good advice has been given so will not repeat. The first bit of esential advice I will offer is, as a visitor you will be directed to one of the many car parks which cover acres of space, and can be a long distance from the halls, this is not a problem as there is a free bus to get you there. What you must do is write down the location you have left your car in, and the bus stop referance. don't leave it to memory, you can be looking for your car for hours if you forget !

The Crufts website has lots of information to help you plan your day http://www.crufts.org.uk/ hope you have a great day !

Dont forget your camera! Lots of photo ops;o) Enjoy and hope you say Hi to some of us;o)

Thank you all for your advice. I think i have got it comfy shoes and clothing, arrive early with my own food i have already ordered a program so looking forward to a great day. Thanks again.

If you go to the west car park it is usually the nearest parking to irish setters and walk under the tunnel .Follow the signs for the airport and/or railway and not NEC on the drive in.You can then walk out to the car to off load shopping during the day.Where as it is a bit of a palava getting the bus to the other car parks.

Hope you enjoy your day !

Oh for god sakes Mel......why the hell do you want to get in everybody's way by taking a dog to the ring?????...lol....ha ha joke!!!!! Good luck...

And I agree with the 'trade secrets' re the West car park...all the others are far too far away.....

Well ! Well!......we know which car park to head for now...hehehe

I am with you there....after working in London with 'Jo public' I have the same thoughts as you, perhaps Florida is a better idea...

Perhaps 'Jo Public' is better viewed as  public interested in pure bred dogs who may be potentially  go on to be involved in the breed. Perhaps even a future companion Irish owner. Think of it as an opportunity to market good breeders and well bred dogs. It seems an ideal time to talk about the breed to the general public rather than leaving it up to television shows like Pedigree Dogs Exposed.

Just an idea.

As I said just an idea.

Nice to see that there is an up side to the recession for some people. 

Good to hear Sue, it is always easier when a friend can come in to tag team looking after the dogs. Have been a 'strapper' a few times. When a girls got to go powder her nose, human or canine, it makes it a lot easier. Hope you have a wonderful Crufts.




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