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Has any one heard from Dee?? its been  a long time since I've heard from her..

Anne Pellette

Please email me privatly



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So sorry to hear about the beautiful Jas;o( Please tell Dee that we are thinking of her at this very sad time!! So pleased that I got to say "HI" to Jas at Belfast last month;o) Sweet Dreams Jas!!
Last time I spoke to Dee 2 weeks ago Jas was fine...

I was getting concerned about Dee as I had not received a reply to an email I had sent to her last week. Oh Dear Me! What sad news about Jas.

All my love Dee I am thinking of you..xxx

dee you are in my thoughts love at this sad time jas may be gone bless her but shell be in your heart forever .

she fought her illnesses so bravely over the last couple of years and you went through that journey with her tirelessly trying to have her well again 

love to you all xxxx

Oh, I didin't know about Jas =(, that is really sad.
Thinking about Dee, and hoping to hear from her very soon
What sad news - thinking of you Dee!

Dee I'm so sad to hear that Jas has gone, God bless her.


Thinking of you just now, and remembering how it feels to lose a special friend. Night night Jas.


Dawn R.

so sorry to read this about Jas my deepest sympathy for your loss Dee when you get to read these I hope your coping with the loss

So sorry to hear about Jasmine, Special prayers and hugs


I am so sorry to hear you have lost your darling Jasmine - sympathies to you all.

Am on a friends computer at the moment will read all that everyone his written when mine is back in use. Cant read all the things about Jas at the moment....... too raw.... and will reply to them soon....thank you everyone for your kind thoughts though....


just good to hear from you some how.. take care sending ZEN and prayers'Love,





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