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My 2 and a half year old bitch Rua had some pups last Thursday the 14th July. Everyone including Mum seems to be doing fine but I have one concern. There seems to be a slight bloody discharge from Rua which is dark in colour. Its not very evident but for example, when she sits on the pale tiles in our kitchen, it becomes quite obvious. Is this normal or should I be worried?? Any advice welcome. Thanks to all in advance.



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Hi Ken, it is normal for a bitch to have a brown/red discharge for a few weeks after whelping!  It can last for the first 4 or 5 weeks, but the amount gets smaller each week! If the colour changes to a blackish discharge and smells bad, then she would need to see the vet! Hope this helps;o)
Thank you Carmel. It's put my mind at ease but I'll keep an eye on her. We gave her a wash a couple of days ago and all was good, however there seems to be a slight odour now similar to when she had her pups but the discharge is as you describe, a reddish brown. I'm thinking of taking her to the vet tomorrow to be sure...
I would say that is normal.  The bigger the litter the longer it lasts.  The litter of 13 I had the discharge lasted 6 weeks.  I knew a bitch who carried on having a slight discharge until she came back into season a few months later.  I always wash and dry the back ends of newly whelped bitches everyday as the smell is not pleasant but if the smell turned nasty they would need to be seen by a vet straight away. 
Thanks Angela, I think I'll hold off on the vet for a while yet and see what happens. From tomorrow I'll wash her everyday. Thanks for the advice. I think we've been concerned over something completely normal! :)
If she was my dog I would take her to,or at least 'phone, my vet,especially as you say there is a slight odour.You really can't be too careful.
Thanks Howard, appointment made for tomorrow morning. Will post with results

I hope Rua gets a clean bill of health.

Are her puppies doing well?They are hard work, but wonderful!

Hi Howard. Yes puppies doing great, feeding well and seem quite content

With no foul smelling discharge I am sure she will be fine.  A retained Foetus or placenta would have made her extremely ill very quickly so if she is well in herself and producing milk and got contented puppies after a week all looks well. I have been like you and taken bitches to be checked out for various things when they have had puppies at home but they are either seen in the car or stay in the car until the last minute and are carried in through the side door and not through the waiting room.  A large percentage of the animals that are at the vets are there because they are ill and your bitch will be returning to vulnerable babies after her visit.  Good luck, any breeder will know what worrying times it is having puppies but you are doing the right thing to put your mind at rest.

Thanks Angela. I'll be taking her to vet in morning just to make sure all is good. During whelping I kept note if the placenta followed each pup and it did but a quick consultation to give the all clear would be very reassuring for me (first time breeder). I'll post results tomorrow and thank you so much to everyone who has given me help and advice :)
Sounds normal, hope all's well when you go to the vet.
Hi all. Apologies for not posting earlier. Went to the Vet for a check up on Rua. Got there just before it opened and was first in line to see the Vet. He gave her an all round check up and confirmed that all is normal and she's in great health. It's good to hear and has erased any concerns I had. Many thanks to all of you who gave me good advice and help. Again, apologies for not posting earlier but last few days have been a little hectic. Hope everyone is doing good!! :)




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