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Hi, just a curious to see if any of you have dogs that really are not keen on boxers . Not ones they have had personal experience with but on a generic basis ie, just the look of a boxer?

My Reuben really has an issue with them but that's not why I am asking, it is more of a interest and something I may be looking into for a dissertation topic. I hear it a lot that people comment on either their boxers getting attacked or others saying their dogs don't like them. It must be something to do with body posture/lack of tail/face shape etc etc. I don't have any answers but am very curious

Thank you


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Not Boxers but Poodles. For some strange reason my first IS and after 12 y/o my second IS had to pee on Poodles???

Why i have no idea.

We had lots of boxers at our park and Cash does fine with them.  They mostly ignore him because he isn't a player and they love to box with other dogs.  I haven't seen any problems with aggression but the ones I know are very socialized with others.

My dog has a thing/fear of chows.  He doesn't like dogs with all that hair puffed up at the neckline.  As a pup, one got very rough with him and since then he cowers and cries if he sees one come in.  I actually am a bit fearful of the chow as well.


Just on pure looks, some of  my setters dont like Boxers, Old English Sheepdogs/Bearded Collies, black dogs or Malamuts/Huskies? But once they get to know each type of dog they love them!! Obviously they dont like pushy, uppity dogs regardless of their looks;o))))




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