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Hi Guys,

i was wondering if there is a lot of differences in the dog crates on the market.

i have never used them before but after all the floods, fires etc. think it would be a good idea to crate train my next one, at least if you are stuck somewhere your dog is safe from harm where ever you may have to stay.

cheers Rosie

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Hi Cornelia

fab. info.  will look into all of them. the swiss car one looks really good.

cheers rosie

Hi Rosie
we use a foldable crate 1.2x1.2 wide x 90cm high it has no floor and folds very flat, Throw some blankets on the ground inside and there's plenty of room for two irish plus a small dog our guys are quite comfy.We also have a folding canvas crate that is not much good if your dog decides to scratch or chew his way out. We also have two metal crates 1.2 x 80 cm wide x 90cm high that we use at home inside,There's another show at ballarat at the end of march that we will probably be at you can pop over and have a look at all the different crates that get used

Hi Peter,

hope to get up to the show and say hi. what i guess i am trying to find out if there is much differents in the fold down ones there seem to be a fair range of prices. i only want to have it in case of any mother nature troubles and she has been throwing a bit out way this year.

cheers Rosie

Joan and I first used large crates ,at bed time,for Ellie and Fred for the first few months when they were puppies.They ,and we, liked its security ,we had never used them before.We use a crate for our puppy,it is huge ,about 5' x 3'x 3'. Arthur's bed is in there.I sometimes find the other two in there as well...not much room then! We only use the crate at night time when we go to bed and it has been very good for us and Arthur.The door was closed when he was a younger puppy but now it is left open so he can come and go as he likes .He could sleep on the settees as the others do but he still choses his bed in the crate.We go on holiday early April and the dogs are coming with us.So that will be the end of the crate,it will be removed when we get back.As we don't have a car a portable crate would be of no use to us.On the trains the dogs sit with us.Arthur will have a trial trip on a train next week to get him used to the idea.He learns very quickly,compared to Fred, who I adore, but who only has one brain cell...at the most!

What I don't like to hear is people who crate their dogs all the time.I know one person who has a Westie and it is crated day and night and only comes out for food and walks.I think that borders on cruelty and I have said so to the owner.

Why   have a dog if you are going to crate it all the time?  Methinks a goldfish might suit them better for a pet!

Hi Sherry,

i have never used one in my life. i only would like one as an emergency with all the strange weather and fires it is just as a safe haven. i could not put an Irish or any breed for that matter in a crate for lond periods of time. i to be honest think they are to a degree over used.

chees Rosie

i bought a large crate online before purchasing Molly. Crates were recommended to me for training. We have never used and have no need. It folds and has wheels. I am getting rid of it soon as it takes up space and I have no need for it.

Hi Howard,

how i wish we could take dogs on our trains.

i can in the city of Melbourne but no way known on the regional lines. such a darn pity.

i know of a person with a German Shepherd and the dog is crated from 5pm till 8 am. almost abuse i think.

cheers Rosie

only guide dogs in Sydney on trains and buses. When we were in Europe we did a huge amount of train travel and was amazed at the number of people who had their dogs. Oh well thats how it is!!

What I liked about crate training my pups -both in the home and in the car (now have a ute with built in cages), was that the dog learnt to lie down in the car. Much better than a dog who is leaping about etc. and safer. Also, like you say, you can travel easier with them because they feel secure.

I have a folding wire crate.




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