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I had an awful experience today.I had walked the dogs in the park at lunch time and was on my way out when Ellie suddenly called out in pain.Some b*****d had set a wire trap.It was heavy springy wire about 4feet long and had been shaped like a giant safety pin.It had shot into her chest.I thought it had gone through her chest wall ,I tried to break the wire but couldn't it was too strong . I straightened it but I didn't dare pull it.Then I examined her and realised she wasn't bleeding and it had gone through her fur sort of sideways rather than end on.Her fur,luckily ,is thick but I couldn't get the wire free as it had tangled in her fur and was well and truly stuck.It was lucky because Joan was going to trim her chest yesterday but didn't get round to doing it. There was no one in the park so I managed to walk her to a house over the road but they were out.I decided to 'phone Joan and told her to bring pliers and scissors then a van stopped and a man asked if he could help.Luckily he had a large pair of scissors and I cut the fur away.Joan arrived then and we were both in a state of shock.Ellie was as good as gold but shaking all over.It could have been a child that had been caught or an adult but it was my poor Ellie.

I have reported it.
We are all ok now.

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I find it hard to believe that Humans can act in such a despicable way.I hope,if they get caught, the punshment is harsh.

As a child I lived 100yards away from the park so had many ,many happy hours there.Total freedom.I had a spaniel then who would use the pedestrian crossing to get to the park.In those days dogs wandered freely.My parents moved to B'ham taking me with them...I was 10! When I came back my children learn't the joys of Wickies.Now I hardly ever go.Do you remember the monkeys?A great attraction,they are not there now.

Oh Howard....just so senseless and cruel for the poor parrots and and the people who cared for them....and all the little children who enjoyed them.  I hope they have these monsters all locked up soon and throw away the key for good.  So hard to even comprehend how someone could even think of doing things like this let alone do it.  God Bless you all and keep all your lovely Irish safe .

Thank you Sherry and thank you all for your kindness and care for Ellie.She is doing well,a bit nervous in the park but regaining her trust.

She is eight tomorow,There will be plenty of fireworks but she hates them.So there will be music on all evening for her

This is sick what type of culture are we breeding these days and where does it end. I hope we'll have some comments from around the world.

We all have got to be vigulant..

At this time of 'dog hatred' there are some very sick people around...so sorry for what happened to your Ellie, Howard...

Also be very careful with puddles...people have been putting Anti-Freeze in puddles, and this too can kill your dogs...and anything else that happens to drink out of them...I will only let mine drink out of flowing water....never puddles if I can help it...

Why do people want to do this kind of thing...there are so many people that will do anything to cause pain to others...

I can find no words to describe what I think of the 'people' who do these things.  So upsetting, I am just glad that your Ellie suffered no serious harm.  Loud TV on here tonight because of the fireworks, I hate them too.


there are some pretty strange people around - its all consequence free behaviour as the chances of getting caught or proving it was them are pretty low. Glad that Ellie is ok.

In our local park there was a recent spate of iron bars, big sticks, logs and bricks appearing at the gates or close to them - nothing to do with dogs it transpires, just the local vermin sorting it out amongst themselves at night. There was one maniac who would flail a large stick around if a dog appeared in the vacinity of him or his child but thankfully he has been visited by the police and has left the area.

Ref the water drinking - poundland do a plastic bottle with pull out water dish, it works and is err, £1.



I am sorry to learn of this but gratified that Ellie and you are recovering. It is encouraging to learn that the authorities are taking this seriously as these traps could harm not only dogs but also young children or adults. Criminal charges should certainly be administered to those if they are caught.

Really sorry to hear of yours and Ellie's ordeal and glad you have recovered from the shock. Indeed there appear to be some sickening people about. Has anybody heard about the recent incident here in Sussex? I mean what kind of person do you have to be to do such a thing???


Such a scary experience, glad Ellie was ok 

I think I escaped lightly and Ellie is fine,thanks for you kind words.

 We have had a case of a dog being strangled and at least two more similar cases but not reported here:






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