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HI all,

i was wondering if any of you had a convertible and transporting your dogs in the car with the hood down.

My experience is that my dogs love it.

I always thought that they would jump out at traffic lights, etc, but that is not the case.

I also have dog seatbelts for them.

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What a wonderful photo! We own a Triumph TR4, but sadly my husband will not allow the dogs in this car - lid on, or lid off!!!!!
I just know they would look perfect, with the wind blowing through their hair, but, men...... with their Collectors cars!!!
Great picture, nice car! As long as they are strapped in, I am sure they love it. I have seen numerous dogs jump out of moving cars lately with the window down. If secured in, I would think they would enjoy the car as much as I would!
this is turning out a great discussion
Great photo!! Cosmo has actually leaped out of my moving car (fortunately while we were going slow and in the neighborhood), so even with a good harness I don't think I would risk it. But I agree with Finn ... would love to borrow your car!!!
Well, my 2 never leap out and stay put when told to do so.
The only time i strap them in is when i park with the top down, obviously not for long periods.
Its a deal!
Great photo!!! Made me chuckle, love the shades!!!!




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