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i have a friend who's IS just loves eating poo.

she has tried pinnapple, chilly, pumpkin etc and he happily still gobbles it up. she picks up all the time but sorry to say he eats it as the other IS is passing it. so it doesn't matter if it is his or the dogs down the road all yummy to him.

she has tried all the leave it training exercises going.

any ideas?


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Hi Rosie our guy does the same he doesn't eat his own thankfully just the other dogs ,still yuck tho, the only suggestion I've got is don't let him lick you for a while afterwards

It is horrible but,as you say natural.My older two don't but Arthur did,if he could,until about two months ago when he stopped.One vet told me it was through a vitamin B shortage but I don't think so.

I am waiting for someone to invent a food that makes dogs poo glow in the dark,it would make clearing up so much easier! Fred has a habit of going when I am about 200 yards away,in a park in the dark.I swear it is on purpose because in daylight he doesn't do that.

Try pouring white household vinegar on it...leave it sit and see if he still goes for it.  I know there is something you can get from a vet to make the stools smell and taste bad as my brother inlaw had this problem with his All American Crazy dog!   Same dog would literally chew his tail off ...guess  he did not feel pain.  Hope this helps...and avoid those kisses til you solve it.  Good luck.

Gina had that habit when she was a puppy. I thought it must be some lack of nutrients in her diet, but as I;ve feed her raw meat diet, that couldn't be the problem.

After long research I found out that it's just doggy behaviour. Gina was about nine months old to a year when she ate poo. She grew out of it. All of a sudden, she stopped. That was 1 1/2 years ago. 


Hope your friend's IS will get over his habit, too. One feels so guilty (doesn't she get the best stuff to eat?). And then the bad breath when they kiss you :))

We had a Brittany that ate his own for 10 years.  It was disgusting but I swear he viewed it as cleaning up after himself.  He also licked up his pee.  We just learned not to kiss that boy on the mouth!  I tried those pills which are over the counter and they didn't work.  Adolf's meat tenderizer is suppose to work also sprinkled on their food and that didn't work for us.  I chuckle thinking about one holiday we had a very mean old Uncle come to dinner.  No one liked him because he was such a mean old man.  He took a liking to Jax and was petting him a really long time.  Eventually after coming in from eating his poop, Jax sat on the couch next to Uncle and started to just lick that man to death!  I kept my mouth shut and well you can imagine the laughter coming from the other room as we all just kept quiet.   I always thought that dog had weight issues because he ate his meal over and over again.  Hard to control calories if they recycle it so many times. 

Mine used to eat it as it was coming out of the others, I call it re-cycling, but if you are fastidious and clean up as quickly as it is done, you have got to beat them to it.... then they will eventually stop doing it...well thats the theory...

They are such affectionate dogs, they will come in from the garden and give you a loving lick...lovely!!!!

Quickest solution is to clean it up before they have a chance to eat it

i was reading some other stuff on internet when i came across this: "Why Dogs Eat Poop: 20 Reasons"


Hi Laura

that was interesting thanks. will pass on the white vinigar tip as well. and yes we try not to have lovely licks but not alway able to miss that happy tongue!!  they are just so loving. she will be pleased to know there are a lot of IS out there with the same yukky habit.

cheers Rosie

I've been told on many occasions that if they are eating their own poo then give them pineapple to eat as it makes poo taste revolting. Never worked out whether dogs will eat pineapple???? Derry eats bitches poo sometimes and my vet says that vitamin B injections often will work.  I meanwhile am waiting until he grows up and am sticking to the no kisses rule.
Arthur has just come in with poo on the top of his head.Fred had gone out and he must have stuck his head under him as he pooped.Great!Wash dog,wash blanket where he rubbed his head,wash hands....I sometimes  wonder................!

Oh no Howard after I ruined your breakfast and now this!  Why do dogs have to act like DOGS!





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