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Ok, this may sound like a really stupid post, but really isn't :P

After Pi was diagnosed with her heart condition, we decreased a lot our daily exercise, to make sure she would not get worse. We replaced insane running with swimming, lighter running, nose games and lots of mental stimulation - she's a happy dog and her heart is stable so it's working for us.

However I've been noticing something quite interesting: 

-If she gets her "regular" amount of physical exercise, she goes to her bed and sleeps the entire night there. Sometimes she'll come on my bed for a while.

-If she does not get as much physical exercise for a couple of days she'll start asking me to leave to room and go outside at about 2pm and sleeps the rest of the night outside. Doesn't play or bark or anything, just sleeps on the outside couch!

-If she gets more exercise than usual, she'll climb on my bed and sleep at my feet the entire night

-If she gets more exercise than usual a few days in a row (like last week, when my nephews came to visit) she'll climb on my bed and sleep glued to my back the whole night.

This is proving to be a very reliable way to evaluate how she feels about the exercise she does everyday and actually allows me to adjust it according to how she feels.

Romã will sleep through the night glued to me no matter what she did that day!

Anyone else has a dog that shows a similar exercise measurement?

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What a wonderful mom you are, diagnosing all that information for your baby. I can honestly say that I have never thought of the relationship between exercise and sleep, so can't answer your question but wanted to say how impressed I am how you have made these comparisons. Hugs to your red baby's <:0)    

aww, Thanks Angela!

I do my best with them. To be honest if it wasn't for the fact that she wakes me up to let her out I would probably never thought about it, and it did take me 6 years to figure out!

Our 10 year old Setter, Sadie was diagnosed with a tumour on her heart and an irregular heart beat in March.  We too have reduced her exercise, shorter walks, less running, more nose games and we too have noticed a link although not just necessarily with sleep.  

If Sadie has her 15 minute walk and some one on one time doing nose games she is more content and likely to sleep for the rest of the afternoon and be very settled throughout the evening.  If we do too much exercise, her sleep is much deeper, sometimes finding it hard to wake up and other times waking suddenly and being distressed, plus we've noticed that she is significantly more likely to pee where she lays if we over exercise.

Too little exercise and she becomes agitated and stress licks finding it harder to settle in the evening.  

Now we know what the right balance is we try to stick to it as much as possible.  She's loving her little walks, is mad for treats, keen for her food and adores her one on one time.  We greet every day as a bonus and hope that when it is 'her time to go' we will understand what she is telling us and make it as easy for her as possible.

Hope Pi continues to enjoy life. xx

Adjusting their exercise is not the easiest thing to do, but sure is worth it.

We are still struggling with Pi, but mostly because of arthritis on her back and hips. She has had a lot of pain over the past few weeks, but our exercise routine along with a better bed, quantic therapy, ttouch, acupuncture and massages will hopefully help us turn this around as well.

I hope you get more good days with Sadie. Reading your post I just know you are an amazing mum to her and that you are doing everything she needs you to do and more! Keep up your good work and keep strong as you help your baby go through this. 

Thanks Teresa for your kind words.  The things we do for our dogs!  Sounds like you too are doing all you can for Pi.  What a lucky girl to have you as her mum!  I'm sure all the treatments will only help her arthritis.  We tried hydrotherapy to help Sadie when she started to struggle with her back legs.  However, it seems we have a Setter who hates to be out of her depth and after two sessions I couldn't bear to put her through it again!  I'm taking some time to see how her heart condition develops, but if it appears relatively stable I might try her with the treadmill in water as she enjoys to paddle and may enjoy this more.  Good luck xx

Oh, I'm lucky with that!

Pi loves to swim, so during the summer I simply replace most of our exercise with swimming - I keep her cool, happy and exercise her without putting extra effort on her back legs and spine :)




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