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Errol is going through - what looks to be - his annual eye infection. He had it around about the same time last year after he'd just moved in with us and then intermittendly over the summer. We got it checked out by the vets at the time and where given some droplets (forgot the name, sorry) which were a right pain to apply as Errol would never hold still. Ocasionally I managed to apply them when he was asleep but he became quiet weary of me so in the end and I just gave up. 

The problem dissappeared over autumn/winter/early spring months but has now returned with a vengeance. Last week the yellow discharge coming out of his eye (just the right one mind!) was quite revolting. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with the eye itself though although it's obviously itching. I usually just wash his eyes with tissue soaked in a home made saline solution several times a day and the discharge has gone down a bit. I have no idea what triggers the infection: drafts, allergies etc. Has anybody had the same problems? I have heard that there are some homeopathic remedies such as Euphrasia, Aconite, Pulsatilla and Sanicula. Any thoughts on those? I even heard that there is stuff you can put in with the food (Newton Homeopathics from the US) which I thought was a bit wacky... but hey I'm open to ideas.

Just in case anybody raises the issue I have a vet appointment coming up so can can ask for medical advice just thought I check first what the 'professionals' would do...

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I am lucky my dogs have rarely had eye infections.I was advised by a Veterinary nurse in the case of a mild infection to bathe the eye in warm milk.Getting it out was a problem!

As Errol has a yellow discharge I think antibiotics will be needed.The last eye infection we dealt with was with one of our cats and we had a cream to put in,much easier than drops.

Hope it clears up soon.

Someone told me yesterday to use milk.  Her husband was a miner and they used milk down the mines when they got dirt and dust in their eyes.


My dog have little similar problem. Purulent discharge from eyes. It appeared his first summer (6 month). Vet said, it was from grass pollen (it gets into a eyes) and irritated follicles. He fixed it surgically (literally scraping). From this moment it returns, it is almost permanent. We use boric acid into eyes (with eye dropper) or "ophtalmoseptonex" - desinfection into eyes...
Hamilton had an eye infection 3/4 mths ago with a nasty yellow discharge the Vet prescribed an antibiotic cream to be applied 3 times a day - it cleared up. If he has a runny eye I bathe it with a cold wet tea bag this seems to help.

All our dogs had eye infections a few weeks ago the yellow gunk was terrible. What works to clear it up is luke warm tea without the milk!


Tea is a natural remedy for infections and it works. Clean the eye out a few times a day and this will clear the infection up in a few days.

Thats what I use too......my mum used to use tea on my eyes when I was young and had minor eye infections and it cleared up quickly.
Yes I have made good experiences with giving Euphrasia 15C combined with bathing the eyes in a herbal tea made up of half eyebright (euphrasia) half calendula (one tablespoon of the dried mixture infused in a mug of hot boiled water for 15mins and cooled slightly). I have not only used it on the dogs but also on myself and it is very effective. It is very cooling and usually the infection clears up in a few days' time. But I would also get the vet's opinion on the condition as some eye infections can be quite serious and may need conventional treatment.
I've just seen that you're from Brighton - you can get the herbal mixture from Neal's Yard. They will mix it for you :-)

Thanks to all your replies. I knew you good people would come up trumps!

Needless to say the vet diagnosed a mild conjunctivitis (as I mentioned the infection has already cleared up quite a bit just using saline solution). She prescribed eyecreme which I have put on the backburner for now. Some days Errol's eyes are clear some days they are gunky so I don't see the point in using heavy meds. I'll start with the tea option first and if all fails will also try Nicola's herbal tincture (thanks for the Neal's Yard tip!!!). Presumably this will have to be applied with a dropper? That might be an issue in itself... 

That is a shame. I hope it is not too sore for Errol and that it will clear up soon. What I do is to soak a bit of cotton wool in the lukewarm herbal tea and wipe the eyes with it. You can also leave the cotton wool on the eye for a while but that depends on how cooperative your setter is :-) I have certainly found that easier than applying the cream from the vet. Good luck and hopefully Errol will be better soon...

My dog has had a couple eye infections and I would use the antibiotic salve the vet gave us.  I am not sure that I would want to put tea in my dog eyes.  That is just me!  Both times my dog had this yellow discharge it was in the summer and the vet told me because he loves to run through the fields and their is quite a bit of tall weeds and things growing high that time of year, it can actually make little microscopic scratches in the eye which allows the bacteria to get in there.  Makes sense to me.  I know allergies can reek havoc on some dogs eyes and ears, but not sure if that would be yellow discharge.  That is usually bacterial in nature isn't it?


Thanks for your concern Sue. I take your point about it probably being an infection but since the symptoms appear to be coming and going I'm not in a panic. I agree it's most likely seasonal. Unfortunately Errol is not cooperative when it comes to applying eye-drops/creams which is also why I wanted to hear whether there are alternatives. He half-willingly lets me wash his eyes with tissue/cottonwool soaked in solutions several times a day so we'll persevere with that for now. I do also believe that animals react very well to homeopathic remedies and a lot of those have natural antiseptic qualities. I have the antibiotic cream at home should there be a severe flare-up but the only way I would be able to apply it if he goes to sleep...




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