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Well, it looks like Bess has started her first season.  As its the first for me as well (I've only owned dogs before), is there a general length of time a season is likely to last in setters, or does it depend on the individual dog?  Without getting too gory I think there may have been a clear discharge starting last Thursday (it looked as if she'd been sitting on wet grass), but the vulva has swollen today and there's blood there too. 

She's also been lovely and quiet over the past couple of days - can I hope that this lasts? lol! 

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It seems to depend on the individual bitch, in terms of showing discharge. Some are very clean so its hard to tell when they start etc, and one of ours hardly changed in appearance of the vulva.

As soon as we see a definite show we keep our girl away from the boys for 21 days....that's for their benefit as we don't want them to get upset.

Our present bitch has a really bad time psychologically and gets very down.

Time will tell with Bess.

NB we give Dorwest Raspberry leaf tablets as soon as we notice, others use Pulsitilla and various other things to help the symptoms.

Hi Trish

It's roughly about 3 weeks but it can vary from dog to dog,  My bitch comes into season twice a year end of January and then beginning of July and I will only know as she licks herself more than normal, she is quite obsessive about this, I never see any blood and discharge. This Jan was the first after her litter of pups in September. She used to have phantom pregnancies although she never seemed to get stressed

Lucky you with the lovely and quiet mine is hormonal and moody we leave her to lie in her bed and have her space. My husband and son have learnt to leave us girls alone don't wind us up as they come worse off in the end.


Hi Trish, so Bess is now a young lady, like pippa my girls have phantom pregnancies. This starts 9 weeeks after their season, they make nests about a week before ( dig VERY large holes ) They almost convince me that they have pups on the way !!!!! apart from this we have had no problems, only difference is that I donn`t show mine, so looks like Cambridge may not happen for you on St. Patrick`s day ( bad timing Bess ). Huggs to you and your teen girl , give her a cuddle from me. <:0)

I wonder is that why Bess has been giddy at shows?? My bitches get very silly before they come in season;o))

Luckily mine dont get moody, quite the opposite,  they get very flirty before , during and after their season!!

My bitches come in heat every 10 months so not too disruptive for the boys;o)

Also mine dont produce much blood and I have to check them very carefully to see when their season started!

Just keep her away from dogs and shows for the next three weeks!! 

Bess has been giddy at shows for tha last six months so sadly that isn't the reason.

Back to the drawing board so, Trish;o)))))) She just needs to grow up a bit;o))

Thanks all. Looks like ill be able to make the ISBC show on 30th March, but hopefully ill be able to go to an open show the week before to get some more practice. I did have another couple of shows lined up but we'll be missing those now.
Trish, my little Venus who is now 2 years old had a complete personality change after her first season when she was about 14 months old. She became much more laid back.....so perhaps Bess will do the same? I look forward to meeting you at the ISBC, by then you may have a different girl in the ring! :-)




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