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Help, I have just seen something that looked like fleas on puppy Fergal. He has been treated about 6 weeks ago with frontline sprayby the breader I only have advocate in for 30kg Merlin and cat,has anyone used the frontline spray and is it more cost effective than multiple sizes of the spot on stuff?

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I use Advantage and it has proved effective.

I dont use any of the drops or sprays on mine and we went the whole summer not one tick / flea....I use a little raw garlic in their food (a little is safe) also I did use billy no mates which is all herbs and I make a spray with using pure essential oils.....yes its a on going thing but I prefer not to use chemicals....I still spray in the winter but not as often...

Please everyone, be very carefull when feeding garlic to your dogs!! Garlic and onions cause destruction of the red blood cells, and the dogs can become anemic! Of course a little won't do much damage to a dog, but if for some reason, the red cells are already low or there is some kind of small infection, it an have dramatic effects leading to death, in just a few hours!

Even though it is powerful against all parasites, It should be used with even more care than chemical products, that have dosages well tested. My cocker has been very poorly before because of garlic and I don't risck using it on my dogs... I'd definetely not use it on  puppy.

You are right about the garlic part! About using chemicals, instead of treating your dogs, it is much better to treat your house. Most of the fleas are not on your dog or cat but in your house.

You're absolutely right about the chemicals! It's so much better to use them on the environment than on your pets!!!

Unfortunately, here we can't do it... We live in a high risk area for Leishmania and Dirofilaria, so protecting our dogs against sandflies and mosquitos is a must!!! My dogs use scalibors the entire year, and I change them every 4 months. Pricy and not natural at all, but still much better than any of those nasty parasites!

I know, I am using Scalibor on our dogs if we are going to the south of Europe. ;-)

Hi Teresa

Have a look at this and see the benefits of garlic for dogs. http://ottawavalleydogwhisperer.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/garlic-for-d... 

I agree it is bad for dogs, if they eat a bucket full every day. It is not dangerous to feed small amounts of fresh Garlic, but chemical Flea and Tick treatments are.


Any chance you would mind sharing Finn and Jennie which herbs and quantities you use please? Always wanted to try an alternative. The one I use here in Australia is comfortis in tablet form but unfortunately it doesn't do paralysis ticks!! So I still need to use the frontline spray to prevent them if we travel where they are.

I use one large clove of garlic and put in a press and share between them once a day.....As mine are raw fed I make a big batch of veggies up about every 3/4 days and I put about 4 cloves in that also raw apple cider vinegar...I have just got used to how much to give...I only use "Billy No Mates" in the summer which is all dried herbs...Same as Finn this has worked for me..along with the oils...But I have spoken to a lot of people that only use Garlic and nothing else and their dogs are tick and flea free..Garlic is also great for keeping worms at bay....hope this helps 

Thank you Jennie, I will give it a go. Apple cider vinegar is such a wonderful tonic it's amazing how many things it's suggested for from human to animal:) I have my own garlic, which is now ready to use so I'll give it to the redkids. Many thanks Dianne and redkids.

Thanks for suggestions will have a try with garlic and herbs cos I am not keen on chemicals what do you use for ticks though, Merlin had loads on holiday last summer, we spent each evening with tweasers removing them all

In summer when the ticks are about I increase the Garlic a little and also use Billy no Mates which is all mixed dry herbs.....I also make a spray using essential oils best one for ticks is Gerenium....lavender...lemongrass...for fleas ...eucalyptus ...cederwood...lavender..there are many other oils which can be used these are just the ones I use...also bathing them in Apple cidar vinegar works very well...3 drops of oil to 150ml water....




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