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Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone could help me with this, even though it's not setter related...

A very good friend of mine is trying to fly his new BC puppy from the Netherlands to Portugal, but we can't quite figure out how it works or how much it costs...
Does anyone have any experience in this matter? Which companies transport dogs? Where can we find information about what is needed and how the transportation works? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you so much

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Thank you Kirstie :)

That's what I'm hopping for!
This site has always been great for this kind of things, someone always has the answer :-)

Ola Teresa (and Kirstie)!! I have only collected info for travelling UK -Europe or paris-brussels- to other destinations in europe so far, but I will look at my files and let you know if I find anything useful..

how old is the puppy?? I assume he will be travelling in company of a passenger, correct? I mean, you are not thinking about sending the puppy on his own for you/somebody to pick up him at the arrival (or its the case?)

from the UK there is a wonderful ferry to portugal, but of course is not your case.. I will see if I find something:)) cheers


I know this is for the UK but they will give you advice and may know of a carrier:








I hope you can get some help.

Hi Teresa

it looks as TAP is your answer.. They do one-way tickets Amsterdam-Lisbon for about 200£, and for an extra fee of ~100-200E you can travel a dog with the condition that the total weight dogpluscage is 45Kg (100E if less than 32Kg). Otherwise, if more than 45Kg,  it must go as cargo.  

I think 45Kg is more than enough for a puppy: I estimated around max60Kg for an adult dog (30kg the dog and 20-25kg the cage plus water etcetc)

Actually, if the puppy is small there is a small  chance that you are lucky and it can fit the size to stay in the cabin with TAP! There are some max dimensions for small pets in cabin.

Info are: 


there is also a link on Direção Geral de Veterinária  for sanitary info..

There are some strict rules on the minimal dimensions of cages (that must be IATA approved), and sometimes they are also a bit  airline dependent, so better you always check with the airline before to buy the (expensive;) cage.. I think for an adult dog you need the largest possible cage available, and not all flights can trasport it, but obviously this is not your case...  Actually, if you travel just once is possible that the airline itself will hire you a cage..

Also KLM has excellent services for transport of pets, but it may be quite expensive (at least in their route to UK)

hope it helps..



If Frankfurt airport/germany is within your range, you can check on www.pet-air.de ...they are the best !

Although unaccompanied shipment of pups within europe is rather expensive, when compared with oversea flights.

good luck

Last year I travelled with Kasia from Belgium to Poland.
You can travel with a puppy in the box in passenger cabin if the weight of an animal + bag (box, cage) is maximum 8 kg. If an animal is heavier it have to travel in the cage as a cargo with other luggage.
I think you have first of all to find a flight and airelines you want to travel. Cheap airlines don't transport animals in cabin.The dimensions of the bag, box, cage for a puppy depends on IATA rules but also of the type of aireplane, exactly it,s size - the place for an animal in under the seat in front of you. I remember that on this route there were used big Boeings and some smaller planes. In each of them the dimensions of the box differred.
In general you have to comply the IATA rules about the size of the box (an animal have to stay and lie down easy in it).

I bought special bag for an animal offered by airlines I travelled. It was a bit to small to Kasia, but nobody checked it in the airport.
In my opinnion better is to go directly to the office of the airlines. The cost depends on airlines. In Brussels AIrlines as I remember I paid circa 1000 zł (250euro) for my ticket and 100 or 200 zł for a puppy.

And one important thing - in each plane there is limited amount of places for a passenger with an animal (in the cabin), probably only one or two. You have to check it too.




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