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Joan and I have been concerned about Fred for a week now,he is not confident,moving slowly and generally avoiding us.

We took him to the vet's yesterday and he has been,sadly, diagnosed with macular degeneration and retinal atrophy.He is going blind and it is progressing quickly.He is already starting to learn to cope and we will give him the best life we can.

At the same consultation Ellie had her check up and she has now got cataracts!

Joan and I would like to thank Sue Humphrey for all her help,advice,support and kindness.




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Hi there Howard, so glad to see that they are being DNA tested....and as Sue says, if they are affected with Rcd4 there is nothing more to be done...but not sure what kind of surgery could be done on them, cataracts could be removed. But cataracts seem to be a side affect of PRA Rcd4 (you just have to look at some of the dogs that are affected with this problem..) It isn't easy living with a blind dog, and two would be dreadful...but once they learn where everything is, and you don't move anything (food and water in the same place etc) all can be well... routine is the key word.... and again Good Luck with all your 'kids' 

Hi Howard and Joan, I am sorry to read about Fred's eyesight and Ellie's too.  I wish you all the best as you all adapt for their health conditions.  cheers, Cheryl x

Hi sorry to hear about Fred and Ellie, i know it's hard when your dogs are ill, it's all you can think about, best wishes to you and hugs to the dogs (",)

So sorry to hear of your dogs Howard.  Such great uplifting advice from so many.  I do have a good friend I walk with often who has a blind husky.  The dog lost his sight at age 7 to blastomycosis.  It is facinating to watch him navigate out in the woods.  He can tell the trail from the brush and rarely clucks into a tree.  He does so love to walk into the back of my knees though!  He took it so much better than his owner.  He has another husky housemate who watches out for him as well.  My dog Cash just adores him and it seems like the others in our walking pack do know that he different but all the dog lick him constantly in such a caring way.  Just wanted to say that I have seen it and it is amazing and I know a good quality of life can be had by a dog without sight.

That was said so lovely Sue and Cash :)) We humans can learn so much from our canine companions. I

I am so sorry Howard.. we havent been on line for a bit, and I am catching up now.. so sad to hear about such a bad news.

Thank you all for the kindness ,sharing your knowledge and for hope that you have given to me and my wife.It is apreciated.We are coping well with Fred and he is coping well with his blindness.A steep learning curve for us all!

Thank you all.

Howard and Joan

So sorry to read about Fred and Ellie and hope things work out somehow for both! Whishing you all the best. Barbara

Joan and I have found out that Fred has not got PRA but,sadly, he was diagnosed with a brain tumour yesterday.He has been deteriorating rapidly over the past couple of weeks and last night he deteriorated further.With very heavy hearts we had Fred put to sleep this morning.There was nothing else we could do.We are devastated and so sad.

Run free Fred.

So sorry,  run and fly Fred.

Blessed be,


Howard, how devastating for you both.....I am really sorry....my thoughts are with you xxxxxx

So sorry to hear this dreadful news, my heart goes out to you.




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