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Joan and I have been concerned about Fred for a week now,he is not confident,moving slowly and generally avoiding us.

We took him to the vet's yesterday and he has been,sadly, diagnosed with macular degeneration and retinal atrophy.He is going blind and it is progressing quickly.He is already starting to learn to cope and we will give him the best life we can.

At the same consultation Ellie had her check up and she has now got cataracts!

Joan and I would like to thank Sue Humphrey for all her help,advice,support and kindness.




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Rest In Peace Fred, run free

I'm so sorry to hear about you beloved Fred.
They are sch a huge part of our lives they seem to rip our hearts out when it is time
For them to leave us.
Thinking of you.

oh this is a tragic loss.. I am so sorry for you, my thoughts are with you in this terrible moment..

Howard, I am so sorry for you both. I came close last year to loosing Murph and I recall your sincerity and caring, I truelly am so sorry x

I'm very sorry, fly free through the heavenly meadows

What dreadful news, I can imagine how devastated you are feeling. Our thoughts go out to you at this sad time. Run free and without pain now, Fred.

Thank you everybody,your kind words mean a lot.

So sorry to hear about Fred,

Oh dear am so very sorry to hear about Fred, thinking of you Howard and Joan, you will have lots of memories to look back on later but I know at the moment your world has been shattered.......lovely Fred will be running free now.......

So sorry to read this Howard, it has come through all your stories how much both you and Joan loved your boy.  Keep strong and extra cuddles for Ellie and Arthur xx

Your in our thoughts and prayers, Howard, Joan and fur family. Take care Dianne and Red Kids. X

My sincerest condolences, Howard. God comfort your broken hearts.




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