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Fun time. What top five things do you constantly get asked about your dog?

We have lots of fun with this topic on my all breed dog forum. We don't have many irish setters in the suburban area I live in. This dog has brought more comments, good and bad, than any other I have owned. And they same ones over and over again. Not a day goes by that I do not get comments from someone and questions also. I was raised if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all! Now mind you most people who say things don't really know the breed and only see an IS on the dog shows which isn't what I think most really even look like as family pets. So here is my list to start with.

1. Is that a Golden Retriever? (OMG I hate that one most of all)
2. Wow is he skinny, feed that dog. (He eats like its his last meal three times a day, plus treats, I like him lean and lanky, healthy for an active dog)
3. He has such long legs. (I didn't give birth to him, I am only 5'2")
4. Is that a pure bred Irish Setter or is he mixed with a greyhound? (sigh, he does run fast as a whip I guess, but seriously a greyhound?)
5. Is he really hyper? I hear they are super hyper. (I need a cattle prod to get him going by noon most days)

Okay that is my five but I really do hear just as often....how gorgeous he is. How regal he is. And how sweet he is. He leans against people to pet him whether they want to or not. He decides who he likes and when he does like you, he is the most affectionate dog. People at our dog park absolutely adore him. Everyone knows him and he is the only irish setter who plays there. And we have the most used parks in our county in the state of IL. I can't wait to hear some of your funny ones.


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These are so funny. Here we are spread out around the world and yet the exact same things are said to all of us about our dogs. I find that amazing. After the first year of the questioning if he was a full bred setter my husband suggested we carry around his papers, have them laminated in fact, and show them for proof. Of course we didn't do that but it would have been funny to whip those out for proof to the nay sayers. I think the comments about my uncle/dad/grandpa had one years ago, crazy dog he was, comes from years ago the over breeding and not such great quality maybe? I felt in our case we didn't have enough space for our dog 20 years ago and without dog parks to use for field running, we didn't give that lovely dog what he needed to be sane. What a difference 20 years makes. Because Dub doesn't have a show coat, all feathered out on the sides people aren't sure exactly what he is. I try to explain, daily usually, that he isn't a show setter. And with all the ticks (just got one off him last night) and burrs etc out in the field, I am glad to have a low maintenance coat.
Oh - just thought of another weird one...

"Where did you get your Weimaraner?"

Not kidding! I explained that my dogs were Irish Setters, and was then told by the other person that I must have been tricked by the breeder, because my dog was definitely a Weimaraner!!

And just the other day, my friend (who has long and short-haired Weimaraners) got asked by someone if her dogs were Irish Setters!

Is this a common mix-up? How could anyone get them confused?
Dub plays with many Weimies and they do have the same build I think. Deep chest anyway! But the color and coat sure don't look alike. I guess we are all confused by that one LOL.
Your comments have really made me laugh! Almost without exception, every time I tell someone that we're getting an Irish Setter, I hear: "Oooh! Are you mad?? DON'T get one of those dogs - they are mad/crazy/dippy!". Strange thing is, none of these people have ever owned one (nor probably even met one). I find it a bit insulting, to be honest - my last Irish Setter was an absolute dream to own and train, and far less dippy than my friend's Border Collie, which really was mad! I was also once walking my setter, Sadie, past a little girl and her mum, and the little girl pointed and said, "Mummy - that lady has the same hair as her dog!". Being a redhead, I guess I can understand the logic, but it was embarrassing all the same!
Only once have I succumbed to the provocation of replying to one of the "I had one and they're too stupid" comments - I simply replied that most of them are smarter than their owners. Guess who shut up? (It wasn't me!)

when people tell me that Irish Setters are completely mad I usually tell them that they are very sensitive dogs which react to their environment and SO IF the one that their uncle/cousin/grand-father had was rather hyper perhaps they should see what their uncle/cousin/grand-father's behaviour was like!!!!!! that usually shuts them up!
Londa I reply he (since it is always at the dog park) that he is smart enough to get me out in rain, sleet or snow to run him daily. My dog is so smart it gets a bit scary sometimes. He rememebers things from a year ago. Knows when I go to what cabinet I have in mind for him too. Hides if he thinks its time for his nails, or ear cleaning. And knows which towel I use for his bath and he doesn't get one very often. I call that quite smart!!
I like that anwser ;-)
Claire...I am a brunette with some reddish highlights I guess. I get told we have the same hair color also!
:) many times I would be walking my previous IS in Bosnia, and there would be some older ladies walking behind commenting on the color and how they wish they could take him to their hairdresser and say "This is the color I want my hair to be!" :-D
We obviously come across differnt types of people...:-)

The funniest remark I got told (not asked) was at an obedience-competition.
I had done very well with one of my setters and was waiting for the prizes to be handed out when I had a collie-owner come up to me.

-This is a new setter you are competing, is it not?
(Yes this is the daughter of the one I competed with for the last four years)
- Oh well, its easy winning all the time when you have such an easy and quick-to-learn breed!
I then told her the myth (?) of stupid setters...she had never heard it...
Here is my list, and it is pretty much congruent with all of yours:

1. What a beautiful dog! (As if she didn't know...)
2. Are they hard to train? (No, she needs two repetitions, then she knows the drill)
3. They need a lot of exercise, don't they? (Well, she loves to lie on the bed while we drink our morning coffee)
4. What a beautiful coat - is it hard work (yes, and I am proud of it and no, easy to groom)
5. I had one years ago. He was as daft as....(that is when I answer: Dogs are only as stupid as their people")

Oh yes, and the best one: I've never seen a Cocker Spaniel with such a long tail!




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