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Our poorly Humphrey has Haemolytic anaemia along with a low platelet count and is on steroids and immunosuppressant. We have been using a stomach lining medication called Antepsin which has been wonderful in preparing his stomach for the onslaught of drugs.

Now the company that make Antepsin has stopped production and run out except for humans. Production will not start again until May.  Our vet and friends have tried everywhere to obtain it but to no avail.  We do have a alternative (another drug) but I was wondering if anyone had used a natural alternative....Slipper Elm seem to be mentioned for upset stomachs but I have very little experience with natural remedies.  As we now have to add 16mg of Aspirin to the medication I am more worried about bleeds in the gut.

Sorry this is a bit longwinded ....he is looking great at the moment and I am trying to avoid backward steps. Many thanks for any help. Phil

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Hi Philip. So sorry to hear of Humphrey's problems. Our Bridie used to use Antepsin when she was first diagnosed with stomach cancer, alongside many other medications. When we could no longer get it, we found Maalox Plus to be very good for lining the digestive tract. She's still with us and quite well almost 18 months on.

We also use Slippery elm capsules for two of our boys who have sensitive stomachs and are prone to colitis. A capsule with each meal works a treat.

Hope you hear from some more folk to help you in your search for the best approach for Humphrey.

Hello Sue and thank you for the information. I have just had a read about Maalox and it sounds like just what we need......and the slippery elm will go down well with Humphreys partner in crime Finlay :-)

Humphs blood counts are slowly getting better but his platelet count goes up and down like a yoyo, so I think he will be on medication for quite some time...his poor tum is getting a right battering. He is on 5ml of Antepsin, 3 times a day, does that sound about right for Maalox?  Thanks again.

Yes that's what Bridie was on for Antepsin and we now give 5 mls Maalox twice a day  which is fine for her. To be honest we kept forgetting the 3rd dose as she was on so many different meds, some of which had to be given separately. and 4 small meals a day. The schedule was rather difficult to manage. Anyway we found twice a day works well in her case.

:-) our pill chart looks like an End of the Bed ward chart any hospital would be proud of :-) but he's getting there, slowly. He actually like the Maalox or is it the titbit he gets afterwards. Thanks for the info Sue...give Birdie a huge Setter hug

Sue, could you advise please where you get the slippery elm tablets from. I too have two boys who are v prone to colitis. I would be most grateful. thanks julie


Dear Julie, I think you can buy it on H&B as well. all the best Silvia

sorry duplicated comment

This pharmacy says they are importing antepsin from abroad, give them a ring 0113 265 0222  http://www.pharmacy2u.co.uk/antepsin-1g-tablets-p9981.html

Thanks Rosie. I had a chat with the people at this Pharmacy and they will import as soon as they get a prescription from the vet.. In the mean time our vet agrees Maalox is as good and our local Chemist sells it over the counter so I'm going to give this a go.  If Humprey does not get on with Maalox I now know I can get Antepsin. Many thanks again.

Philip, I have just managed to get hold of some Antepsin 1g tablets from a large chain chemist in Sheffield (I had been phoning around). I had to get a private prescription from my vet.

The problem was however that when I got to the chemist to collect them (it is 12 miles away)  I was advised that instead of the normal £9 for a packet of 60, they were £79. The reason they gave was that they were imported from Finland!.

So if you order any please ask price up front, I wish I had.

Hi Julie. Yes the pharmacist I contacted did say the price was rising steadily and did mention £2 a tablet.  Our vet got us to try Zantac but when we introduced it, it upset Humphreys stomach so we have just been using Maalox which is working very well. We are now starting to slowly reduce his other drugs so in another month or so we may be drug free :-)

Hi Philip could I just confirm with you please.... In my local boots I bought "Maalox Plus" in the liquid form and they also had tablet form. My understanding is that this version (i.e "Plus") includes the addition of simeticone (which babies have in Infacol - which I have used in my dog to relaese gas in the past).. Im just a bit worried because on the botttle of the Plus version it states that some humans can be allergic to the "parabens" preservative that it contains (so maybe dogs can be too). Thus to say so far I havent given it to my boy.Strangely it does not say this about parabens on the Plus tablet version.  

Is this what you are giving to your boy or have you managed to get original Maalox? and if you have does this too have parabens and your boy copes fine with it?  thanks julie




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