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And at almost 6 months he weighs 53.3 lbs.... I think he is going to bigger than what I have been reading. I know I don't over feed him and I exercise him everyday, so that is not an issue. How much does your Irish setter weigh? 

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Riley will be 1yr in June...I last weighed him 2weeks ago and he was 32.2 kg he is a big boy and very healthy.

You can see a picture of him taken a couple of days ago in my husbands pictures( Andy Benstead )in his paddle pool (Riley that is not Andy) lol

I have a very picky 14 month old setter who has lost a KG in two weeks.  He now weighs 26.5kg which I know is way too low but HE WILL NOT EAT!  It is slowly driving me up the wall.  He is healthy and has a wonderfully glossy coat but needs to put on some bulk.

Hi Lesley

I am sure in the old postings there is something about dogs that wont eat which might help you.

I have had both bad and good eaters and yes it is a worry.....Riley takes his time while eating which I think is a good thing we also have Cassie who is a Labradoodle and she eats quicker than Riley. They eat together which helps them eat all their food.....mine are both raw fed and have lots of different meals...In the past when my oldies were on dry or canned food more would go in the bin than in the dogs....but not any more they eat every morsel....

I have two setters one weighs 38 Kg.thats 8year old Abbie who will eat anything and everything, I have been taking somthing out of the fridge and lost in before I get the door closed ( bless her ) Sofie aged 5 only weighs 28 Kg. very picky averages 15 miles of exercise a day is very quick on her feet, so she must be healthy. I say dogs are like people all different.

I have just put Sofie on to mostly raw food and I expecting her to put on a bit more weight because she loves it and cleans her plate everytime ( without me having to hand feed her.)

Hi Lesley

As your dog is a cross of Irish Setter and Golden Retriever I don't think you should compare. I would expect him to end up heavier than an Irish Setter.  The only time mine are weighed is if they need to have medication.  Mine are all bitches but three of them always stay just under the 25kg, the younger one a little bit less. I always regulate their weight by looking at them and feel.  If the ribs are too covered, they are too fat and if you can feel their ribs easily and even see the ribs then they are too thin.  Ideally the ribs should be just covered and the dog have a bit of a waste. As your dog has quite a thick coat you will need to be feeling his ribs to feel if they are correctly covered.

He sounds like a perfect description of Rigsby!  He just kept on growing upwards and is about 29" at the shoulders.  I know he is healthy but very slim.

My girls have all been around the 25 kg mark, but currently Bridie is about 23 kgs and looks better for it, ie she has a slight waistline! Finn at 7yrs is around 31 kgs and I would prefer a little more for his  size, but pancreatitis has been an issue of late. Kiefer is nearly 11 and is losing muscle tone and weight...he's always been a skinny boy, but looked good when he was about 6/7 yrs...our dogs have tended to body up late! Steo aged 2yrs is a devil when it comes to eating, and is without doubt a bit too thin for my liking at 29kgs. Pup Callum was doing fine at 8 mths 26 kgs, but he's now copying Steo and being silly about eating... I could go mad, but in all respects they seem healthy and fit and active, so who am I to argue with nature?

I really only know their weights  now because of Finn's pancreatitis which came on slowly and now i weigh him(them) every 2 weeks so I'm sure he's not got a problem that's creeping up on us!




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