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To all the wonderful lovers of our beautiful Red Heads I wish you all the best for 2015.
Cheers Rose and Memphis.

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Thanks Rose,

I hope 2015 is a good year for us all.

Happy New Year!

Howard ,Joan and Artie

Ditto Rosie. Best wishes everybody for 2015.

Ditto too, Rosie, James and Howard. I sincerely hope all ES members stay healthy and safe throughout 2015 and obviously this includes all our Setters, the ones with spots too, and their family members.

There is an old saying I have loved for a long time .. Life is nothing without Friendship

Best Wishes from Susan, Hobson, Misty, Hallmark, Charlamayne, Khatalyst, Sam and our wildlife friends xxxxxx

I like that saying Susan, and it's very true, Happy New Year to every one.
Ellen&Finlay (",)

Thank you ! And a very Happy New Year to you and Memphis ! :-)

Happy New Year, to you too! Memphis looks great! All the best for 2015 C & J xxx

that a bit of delay, but happy new  year to everybody!!! Oberon, Silvia, Marco

Oops late again!!!

Happy New Year Rosie and Memphis.

Have a good 2015 everyone.




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