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Understand that a lot of you are wondering why I have been gone from here so long....A lot of things have happened sice last year, divorsing my husband, have been thrue a long and hard division of Property, I have not had the time or patience or energy to involve myself in dog circles. I have two of my beloved dogs left in my possession, Charlie and Alma. I am moving from my house in about a month and when I come to the right in my new environment and my new life so I will be back. I have my wonderful beautiful Charlie to show , he is more beautiful than ever, and I promise to see you soon ... hugs to you all//Kristina

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Thank you Barbara sweetheart, I have missed you and your lovely boys...huggies
I don't know you yet but I wish you well in your new life.
Sorry to hear you are going through a difficult time! You are young and will come out of it a much stronger person;o) I know;o)) Best of luck;o)
i don't know you either but I can understand your divorce issues. It gets better I promise. Enjoy your IS
Yes, I was wondering if you had left ES....I am sorry you had to go through a divorce....I hope things work out for you and your dogs...I send my best wishes!
Thank you all for kind words and you´re support, lots of love//Kristina
Hope you have gathered yourself together and will be stronger. Good Luck!

Welcome back from me too Kristina.  I'll look foward to seeing you participate here again soon. 

We have all missed you.

Hugs back to you.

welcome back kristina .sorry you have had a difficult twelve months and wish you well in the future
Welcome back....things will be OK in the future...time has a way of settling things down...




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