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Help - how do you get tar off a dog????

Three days to go before a show - my veteran boy has managed to get some tar on his flank (show side of course!!) from an old railway sleeper

Does anyone have a sure fire way of getting it off please?? !! ??

thank you

Ro Cox

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I've heard that peanut butter works on  human hair, generously work it in and then work the tar downwards off the hair.  I've never tried it myself but at least it's a harmless substance.

Good Luck 

Butter seems to work very well on dogs.

Start with the peanut butter, which should be the creamy kind so you can feel the little tar chunks as they break up. Work the peanut butter in thoroughly, starting above the tar in the hair, and working your way over the tar and toward the end of the hair. Be very generous - peanut butter is cheap!  Again, using your fingers, gently work the peanut butter and tar down the hair shaft. You'll be trying to slide it off, not pull it off or break it off. Think of the tar chunk as a bead on a thread and gently, gently coax it down the hair.If you are unable to remove the tar with the peanut butter, try again with shortening. If that doesn't work to remove the tar, try cooking spray such as PAM. Then, to remove the oils, you'll need to use a grease-cutting detergent, such as Dawn. A little bit goes a long way, so only use a small amount. Finally, wash the coat as you normally do to remove the last traces of all that tar, oils, and detergents. 


Why is it they always get into something when they shouldn't?  Oh, that's right, because they're setters!  (See I'm getting it now!!!)

Thank you - i'll get on to it - fingersd crossed for Saturday it is our Kennel Club of Jersey Championship Show




We have this amazing product in the US called goo gone.  It removes tar, gum and adhesives.  You would then have to wash the dog well after it but it works so well.
Sue I never would have thought to use Goo Gone on Molly...what a great idea as long as you bathe her right afterwards.  I know it would take little work to get goop off with the Goo Gone!  Thanks for that tip.

Eucalyptus oil. Rub it in well, then remove with a cloth.


When I was a child, I lived in Cornwall, and there was bad problem in those days with emulsified oil (from ships) on the beaches. And one was always getting it on one's skin or clothes. We kept a bottle of eucalyptus oil for removing the black marks. And it worked very well, it soften the black stuff so it can be wiped off

Mineral turpentine will remove tar not sure how it would effect hair or skin it has no effect on my hands unless there is a cut it stings then,.don't have a flame near or cigarette wash the coat with some conditioner after

Our dogs sometimes get tar on their coats on the beach - compliments from passing ships - suntan OIL or baby oil help on the spot.

Vet suggested a specific washing up liquid, but I cannot remember which brand! I think it is American anyhow, but available here. WD40 definitely helps, sprayed on a cloth. Careful rub the offending tar and then wash with regular dog shampoo.


Good Luck!


And tell us what worked eventually.


Just plain butter is perfect! Work well into the coat and the tar just comes out with ease. Not sure if the fat free vegetarian spread is any good in these cases...;-)
Now that's funny!

Thank you everybody - the peanut butter worked a treat - he looked fab and got a lovely 2nd in Veteran






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