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Arthur is long ,lanky and still slightly uncoordinated.

My son described him as an articulated tram without its driver!

I think I am insulted!!!! It is a good description though.

Hope this makes you laugh like it did me.

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Christine, so sorry you have lost Jack at such an early age.  Unfortunately they are all only on loan to us for a short while, some just not long enough. I am sure you did everything possible for him and have some lovely memories

Thank you so much Angela, you are so right, we always knew that Jack would not be with us til old age and it was a pleasure to have known him. We Do have lots of lovely and funny memories which are helping us through. We appreciate your kind words so much xx


My dog Keady is loveable adorable Irish Red Setter and considers himself to be Gods Gift to the human race. He is a fun loving, gentle Giant.   Like all setters he can do contradictions very well and all in the same breadth, like Gracious to Goofy, Regal looking to suddenly acting the Clown, Admiring the Cat to Chase the Cat, Obey now I will disobey, he thinks "after all Im a setter I will do what I like", "Now what was I at?"   


Keady & Colm

I would say Cash is the mind reader.  He is always one step ahead of me.  If I even think about nails, he is dashing off to hide.  Or I think perhaps a bath now, he is dashing off.  I can't get over how he just knows what I am thinking.  He has become the worker.  Has taken on the job of clearing all birds from the dog park and is on guard waiting, watching and surveying the perimeter at all times.  He doesn't want to play with the dogs anymore, annoyed they are taking him from his work.  He isn't mean, just not interested in their play.  I feel like he thinks to himself "you youngsters go about your business, I have work to do". 

How would I describe Doug? He is a big Momma's boy!!! He loves his human mom he follows me everywhere!! All day long he is by my feet, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Errol = a lofty, head in the clouds, easy come - easy go, easily bored, more easily distracted, sometimes worried, often restless, always peckish, wiggly, chatty, silly, cheeky, demanding, playful, energetic, handsome and often admired ladies man. In short my pride and joy!




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