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how is going to dublin two the european winner dog show.
I am goging whit Charmain.
one day european winner show and i am goging to the championship show for irish native breeds.

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i won't be there, but wish you all good luck!
Thank you laura
it is nice to see some of the members from exclusively setters.
Look forward to meeting you there and any other members who are travelling to our capital city!!
Would love to... but sorry, no. Good luck and have a great time!!!
thank you susan

it is the first time i go to ieland.
whe have a littel holiday i hoop whe have a great time and meeting members from here.
Hello Rieky, I'll be in Dublin together with 2 friends of mine (and of course Irish Setter owners). Looking forward meeting you and hopefully many other members.
Hello Beatrice
I hope to see you there.
together white Guy and Marta Kips. We will have a drink on saterday evening.
i hope to see you also there.
I'm going! I'll represent Iceland in the Junior Handling competition :D
hello gudrun dogg
i hope that you will win.
Hello , I am going to Dublin so will look out for you there to say " hello " and to any other members with their own dogs . Unfortunately I am not taking my dog but am looking forward to seeing lots of Setters there .
Regards Chris
Hello chris
its a pittie that you don't take your dog
i hope that there are plenty off setters and owners
and i hope to see you ther
greetings rieky
keep my fingers crossed for you Rieky , enjoy your stay in Dublin




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