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How to keep my Irish setter cool in this heat while at home?

Baylee is 2+ years of age and we are having unusually hot weather and am trying a way to cool him down at home after being outside playing. He comes in the house panting hard and warm to the touch. I finally put him the shower and soaked him down, now I am wondering if I did the right thing? What do you do?

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My guys have a paddling pool. They also like to lie on the hard floor in a cool part of the house. If things get really hot I have a keep cool coat for them, However, they don't really like them and are inclined to go wriggling off when they see it. Am wondering why. It does the job though.  When things are hot at night, I keep a fan going and they are happy with that.

Thank you. Baylee decided last night to sleep on the kitchen floor instead of his usual spot near me. I will get the fan out and see if he uses that. He would probably do t he same thing with the coat too.

Two years ago, during such a hot season, our girl found a very original and cool place to have a nap:


I'd be careful with the shower, if Baylee is really overheated after playing and not just normally hot and overexcited, and start with hand warm water. A vet once advised us to wet Joy's head and especially her ears, when outdoors in hot weather; so I try to 'soak' her right at the beginning of our walk and whenever there is a possibility like a fountain, brook or lake. 

Now, that is one smart IS!! Thank you for the info. I just wasn't sure what else I could or should do for my boy.

I was told by a trainer not to get the top of the dog wet when he is out exercising because it evaporates quickly and makes him hot again.  She used a spray bottle to wet down Nugget's underside.  Also she advised not to let him drink water too fast when he has exercised as he can get the twisting of his stomach.

Thank you I like that idea too.
Hi Kay, my boy Memphis has a kids paddling pool that he loves to lie in and then will find a cool spot to lie on. You can also get cool mats that I rather than the cool coats as they seem so heavy.

We got a paddling pool for our girl some years ago - but she does not want to go in - maybe the water temperature is not correct for the lady! She does jump into every river and lake though… 

Finlay was like that I bought him a childs pool but he wouldn't go in, I was standing in it to try and tempt him but it was no good he wasn't getting in (",)

more likely the water is not disgusting enough

It's funny Memphis will only use his when it's sparkling clean.
Now a muddy puddle that wonderful to wallow in.




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