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Hello everyone 

I am after some advice on a couple of matters.

  • Puppies pooing in my back hall when they have only just come in from being let out. Also they are both now eating it. They wee and then poo and at the moment poo is very soft although not Diarrhea and they don't stand still either. No haven't changed there food and they are getting what they should they aren't being over fed. They are 5 and a bit months old now.

  • Secondly why oh why do they fight so much over toys, bones anything if one has something the other wants what the other has even if they have one the same. Tonight it came to a head and they got really nasty with each other and I had to split them up, I've now taken all toys away and hid them.  Honestly is worse than having twins 15 years ago.

Any help and advice would be grateful, I've had puppies before but the toilet training is now getting me down at least I can mop the floor and it's not on carpet. 

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Thanks all

It's like giving birth at the time you vow never to go through the pain ever again but you forget how much it hurt and often then have another baby. 

Well that's what has happened with these two. Bronte who is their mum was a right handful as a pup, now she is a gorgeous loving dog with such a personality. It took hard work but we came out the other side and I know it will all work out all right in the end. Yesterday I think I must of had a bad day.  A few things will be changing as they will be split up more often and back to basic's for the toilet training. 

You all must think I am a complete novice at this but have had dogs all my life, but never had 2 pups at the same time though and it does make a difference twice as much mischief.

Oh I think it's good to vent! And look at all of the company you have and survivors to boot!

I know exactly what you mean. We all get those days and its great to be able to have a moan to people who 'get it'.I've had dogs all my life and irish for 40 years..I've had successes and 'successes to a point' (I hate the word failure!!:)) and still consider myself a novice...so much to learn...sigh!

Onwards and upwards:)

We all have bad days Pippa, as Kimberly said you did it amongst friends :)) and Rhonda reminded me.....of the 14 year old tantrums aaaahhhh ! Give me my redhead twins any day. Lol. Keep us ip to date. X

I cannot see the previous page of comments to this forum. Is it only me?( Sorry about off topic reply).


I cannot see the previous page either? What has happened to it?

All the advice given has disappeared?? Gremlins in the system!!;o)))

2 comments from my February Anniversaries blog have been deleted as well. The blog shows 6 comments but there are only now 4 comments. Lynn Spencer and Dianne Cook commented. I have not had a chance to respond to anyone who has commented on my blog yet.

Unless Pippa has deleted the previous page and unless Lynn Spencer and Dianne Cook deleted their comments on my blog, something else must be going on.

There are also comments missing from Henk on his own conversation? Should we ask if it is Ning is experiencing problems?

Must be a technical problem, as comments for Blogs yesterday have also vanished?? I will contact Gene(if I can!!)

That's a good idea, Carmel. I do not believe Lynn and Dianne would delete their comments and my blog does say 6 comments. This is why I thought I'd contribute to this discussion because I thought this was very odd.

Have left a message for Gene, but he would still be asleep with the time difference for Texas;o)))) 




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