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Hello everyone 

I am after some advice on a couple of matters.

  • Puppies pooing in my back hall when they have only just come in from being let out. Also they are both now eating it. They wee and then poo and at the moment poo is very soft although not Diarrhea and they don't stand still either. No haven't changed there food and they are getting what they should they aren't being over fed. They are 5 and a bit months old now.

  • Secondly why oh why do they fight so much over toys, bones anything if one has something the other wants what the other has even if they have one the same. Tonight it came to a head and they got really nasty with each other and I had to split them up, I've now taken all toys away and hid them.  Honestly is worse than having twins 15 years ago.

Any help and advice would be grateful, I've had puppies before but the toilet training is now getting me down at least I can mop the floor and it's not on carpet. 

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Pippa we kept the boys out of the areas we didn;t want them in with those child gates that go in door ways. Baby section of the local store. We have open plan which is really not designed with pups in mind. Where the doorways were too big we resorted to rigid plastic trellis panels. Very elegant but worked. Always took them out together but with excited calls of 'wee wees' and lots of praise. Many a cold night outside waiting until both had finished. The boys now tap on the back door when they want to go in or out. Hang in there it will all click soon and then the next stage will start. Love setters


Hi Rhonda 

It's normally just in the evening that they have the run of the house and only downstairs as the whole family are all around to watch them and keep them in order. we have gates and barriers up the stairs as our poor cats are already nervous around them for fear of being chased. One of them got Sky last week and we picked a claw out of her nose.

Their mum Bronte was trained very quickly and always let us know when she need to go out by jumping at the keys on the patio door she has always been very good at letting us know.

I've told the family that we are to go with them  into the garden and watch them and vocally tell them and then praise them, Step back down again to this step as there is something that has quite clicked.

We will get there in the end it's sometimes nice to know that it's not just you as others have had other similar things happen to them and their own setters.

It will all fall into place quickly;o)) Best of luck with your wee naughty puppies;o))

Pippa, how are the "twins" (puppies, not human) doing?! Have they settled down any?...:-)

Hi Kimberly

I would like to say yes but tonight Sky the little madam had been out side by herself in the garden and when we let her back in and then I went and sat down in the lounge she went and poo'd in the back hall ??  If we are sat in the lounge we shut the lounge door and they stay with us and if they want to go out they ask, cry or hit the door that's the only way we don't get an accident in the evening. I just don't understand why she does it when the door is open and it's always when she has just been out ?

Things are coming along in Ring -craft too. We did a show the other weekend although we didn't get anywhere Sky did behave herself in the ring she was very calm. Chloe my daughter it was her first time as well and she did well. My friend was going to show her but the little madam wouldn't let her touch her feet and would not stand kept backing away and turning herself upside down. Poor Chloe was dropped in the deep end at a championship show !

Oscar is a good boy but not ready for showing as he has grown too quickly and is all legs and pin bones, trying to feed him up.





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