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I have been informed of this topic in Dee Rance's blog.

It would be good to set the record straight.  It is probably a good principle not to believe everything you read in the papers.


Tally was not abandoned.  She was left in the care of Tripoli's number 1 vet in his own boarding kennels.  He looked after her for 6 weeks until the beginning of April when she was sent via Tunisia to Malta in the care of a very competent shipping company.  From Malta she was flown by Emirates to Singapore where she spent 30 days in quarantine.  She is now happily staying with our daughter in Singapore in her house with 2 other dogs.  She appears to be no worse for her adventures.  The entire exercise cost in excess of £4,000.
Please spread this message as widely as possible as we have started to receive some very unpleasant anonymous mail.

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Very kind of you to let me know even by this method I personally have been very worried about her, you were safe, but you have never informed me as to how she was...I am grateful for this information..


Hi Jackie,

It sounds as though everyone has had a horrendous time! I don't normally read any of the blogs but it does seem that Dee Rance has been extremely concerned and worried that Tally got caught up in the problems. Obviously a concerned and caring breeder. It must be difficult when one just doesn't know what is going on.

But what is also of concern that you have received "unpleasant anonymous emails" no doubt from people totally uninvolved and who don't know what has being going on. Totally unecessary! It is possible from the email headers to determine where these emails originated from and whilst it is so easy for these "guys" to make a phoney email address you should be able to identify the origin enough to speak to the service company and get the email addresses closed down. It's all abuse whichever way you look at it and such abuse denegrates the use of email services by the genuine person.

Thanks for your concern.

Email would be easier to trace but this is snail mail via Royal Mail.

If you have received these e-mails via the post then it seems fairly obvious that they are coming from someone who knows your address. This should narrow down your list of suspects, as will the postmark on the envelope. Then of course there are always residual DNA and fingerprints left on the post. If you are not listed in the phone book then it's not easy to trace someone's address without paying to do so and you would need to be pretty determined to go that far.
I am very pleased that Tally is now safe. And also that there are concerned and caring breeder like Dee.
I second Susan's sentiments.  None of us really have any idea what you must have been through but have often thought of you.  So very glad that, after all your endeavours, Tally and you are safe.  Very good luck for the future.
That is great news Jackie - Tally will repay you in years of unconditional affection I am sure.

Jackie, I was just thinking about Tally yesterday actually. Delighted that she is safe and well. As for the nasty mail, well just ignore and throw away. Sadly in life there is always someone who has (usually something useless to say) about situations that they are not party too.

Anyway now you have complete peace of mind knowing that she is safe and sound with family in Singapore. However, credit to the vet and shipping agent etc who made her journey safe. No doubt these people were working in difficult circumstances and who knows some may have even lost relatives through the civil war that is taking place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We only hear the negative on the tv and newspaper and it is great that the Libyans managed to get her to a safe place.

I am sorry Mel but I feel this is most unfair of you.  None of us have been in a war zone situation and therefore have absolutely no idea what we would have done if this had happened to us.  With all due respect to Dee as a breeder, or to any of us for that matter, why would it be any of our business where a family to whom we have sold a puppy wanted to relocate.  The private lives of our puppy owners are their own.  Dee obviously decided that, WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, this family could provide a wonderful home for one of her puppies otherwise she would never have sold her.  Dee's role, as with all breeders after the puppy has been sold, is one of back-up and after care.  We should be there if anything goes wrong, provide help if help is required and take the puppy back if it all else fails.........and that is all. 

If you read Dee's blogs on this you will find that most of the members of this community were sympathetic to Dee and to ask the family to be grateful for this and to berate them after all they have been through is patronising to the extreme and ,sorry to say, totally out of order.

With respect to your first question Mel, I do not wish to go into any detail about our personal circumstances on an open forum on the internet, particularly in view of the last line in my first post.

Suffice it to say that there are very good reasons.

All along we have done our best for a satisfactory outcome for our family, which includes Tally.

Hi Jackie,


First of all, I am very glad to find out that you are all OK, Tally included.

I'm sure that none of us can ever imagine what you and your family have been trough, and how hard this all has been for you. I can understand that at a time like this the only thing you wish is to keep your family safe, and you wish all of us (me included!) to leave you all alone and respect your privacy.


That been said, when Dee first posted about Tally, I believe she was genuinely concerned about your family and while trying to get Tally some help, she was trying her best to be a good breeder, even though she did not have all the information at the time. I trully believe she was doing what she thought was best!


No matter what has been said or done so far, I am trully glad to find out all is OK now, and that Tally had so many great people taking care of her, and that she is safe with your daughter. I really hope whoever is sending you those messages will quit it, I believe you have been trough enough, and no one but you and whoever was with you at the time you had to leave, should really judge or for a complex opinion about what happened to you and your dog.

And now I have written so much and all I really wanted to say was Thank you for letting us know Tally is OK.


All the best for you, your family, and of course Tally


Hi Jackie! Belated happy second birthday for Tally! I (and maybe other ES members also) would love to see a photo of Tally. Perphas your daughter has sent you new pictures, so you could show us some please ...




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