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  Well the biting has pretty much stopped, now Brady is into jumping. We have tried most things & still he jumps,


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T seems a squirt bottle is doing the trick. Only had to use it once. Also a kids squirt gun for walks to save the neighbors.

  Brady has seen a trainer & we are using a gentle lead for walks. This seems to help but you can't let him get away with anything. He is now 70#  & just a rowdy as ever. It's like having a 2 year old again.

I recently had an incident with Rufus when out on a walk he jumped up at a lady and butted her face with his nose. A dog trainer friend has helped by suggesting we shake a drinks can part filled with gravel every time he jumps up. We have sessions at home where we try to get him to jump up at us by getting him excited, shake the tin if he jumps, and reward with cheese if he doesn't. We've been doing it about a week now and while not 100% cured he is much better, plus we need to get more tins, including one to take out on walks, as the darn thing is never to hand when you need it!

  Well mister Brady has been at the kennel since sunday since my husband is in the hospital. Who knows what kind of dog we will get back.

  The squirting has helped. He still has his moments when he just forgets everything & jumps. For the most part it is improving.

Same here with the can shaking. Hardly need to use it all. Instead he does a funny little jumping up and down on his front paws thing. You can see he really wants to jump, but is holding it back! Still no guarantee he won't do it again though!

Brady is now just over a year & we are still having jumping issues. He is good about staying in the yard most of the time. It got so bad in florida that we considered finding a new home for him. We are taking one day at a time for now. He is our fourth irish & is truly our wild child.

Our dog Sawyer is very into jumping as well. We've had some luck in disciplining ourselves really. Instead of coming in and petting him, we come in and make him sit. When he sits we praise him, and that has helped. Then we had to figure out how to stop him from jumping at our back as we then carried on into the house. The best thing for us has just been to give lots of commands when he's excited. He always follows me around and when he's calm that's fine. But when he's excited and acting like this I basically need to narrate my walk around the house. I walk in the door and it's "Sit. Good boy. (scratches) Come." Then when I get where I'm headed, "Sit." Then when I move again, "come." Then when I et to the room I'm headed, "Sit". Until he relaxes. It's tedious but it helps.

I also use a leash when guests are at home. I cut one off so it only drags on the floor enough to get my foot on it when people come in the door. Just having it on makes him behave better.

Lastly, get a squirt bottle. That will either fix the problem immediately or have absolutely no impact whatsoever! Gotta love these dogs... they're totally their own breed.

  Brady has certainly been the most active one we have ever had. Today he almost took the window out bc a squirrel was in his yard. (those pesky critters) He is better in Mi. where he has much more room to play & run. We shall see how things turn out. He did go for training & that was good until they thru balls back & forth & he was made to sit & stay. That did not work out well at all. We take him to the park to chase balls.

When you recall get your dog to sit as he comes in have a treat at muzzle level and give the sit sign. Reward. It works be consistent with all of the family working together. Turning away can work and just take a step forward as they go to jump up. Remember praise reward when the good behaviour is given. Remember an adolescence dog has so much going on so a few problems can happen so make training fun and short. Waving cans yelling etc are not training good behaviour. When you have visitors just pop him out the way till everyone has settle have coffee on the table let him out tell them not to look touch or speak he will soon get bored when he shoves off reward. So important to know when you are pleased with him. Setters are jumpers. Another thing that can work is to put the cuddles on cue to ask him to come up have a cuddle then ask him off reward. Hope that might help.

Sorry, Terrie, but this is one cruel and outdated method that is thankfully banned where I come from...

I agree Cornellia, very outdated Terrie far better ways to gently train an adolescent young Dog that is trying to say hi. I have given some info hope it's a help. Kindness is always the best way to keep a lovey rapport between you and your best friend.




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