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Just a silly poem I wrote. Comments welcome, good or bad.

From a pup to a dog.


I have an Irish setter who always plays me up,

Never dreamt of such hard work by taking on a pup.

He’s always up to mischief every minute of the day,

But how can I say no to him when he asks me to play?


He steals my dirty washing he steals the clean stuff too,

I chase him round the garden and slip over on his poo.

As I’m getting off the ground I’m sure I see him laugh,

The only time he stays still is when I put him in the bath.


Do all dogs get out of the bath and have a good old shake?

Sometimes I think his antics are way too much to take.

I dry him off and brush him so he really looks his best,

He then goes and rolls in all the dirt he is a bloody pest.


I take him out for walkies he walks well on the lead,

He turns into a different dog the moment he is freed.

He runs into the long grass then dives into the lake,

Sometimes I just wonder how much more I can take.


People say my dog is crazy but I know that he is smart,

From the moment that I got him he really stole my heart.

Each night we sleep together and he gets a gentle stroke,

He steals all of the duvet I’m cold and it’s no joke.


Now he is much older I thought he may have settled down,

But not a hint of change in him he still is such a clown.

Would my life be so different without this naughty boy?

I think you know the answer I love my red bundle of joy.


Riley Benstead.

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Hi Andy, Your poem made me smile inside - so true :-)) - and at nine years of age, our 'lady' setter is no different than your boy - but I would not have her any other way! Greetings form us and our girl 'Coppersheen, Delightful Bundle of Joy' (her kennel name :-)) and thanks for making us smile! Psst - will read the poem to Joy, when she settled down on our duvet tonight… stealing our space...

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I am pleased that you enjoyed it.

The poem was just one I made up and was not about directed at one of my own dogs, but it does fit.

I have owned Irish setters for over 35 years and always owned 2 or 3 at a time. I have Riley a 6 year old Irish, his half brother Bracken 4 years old and a Labradoodle who is also 6 years old.

I have a Facebook page called "Riley Benstead's Books and Poems" where you can read a few more of my poems, if you wish. I have written 2 books of these silly poems and they are mostly doggy ones.

I think the page is public, but if not, you are welcome to join.

Once again, I thank you for the comment.

Andy (Riley). xx

That is beautiful and so true of nearly  all setters that Joan I have shared our lives  with. One stole my mobile 'phone and only by ringing it and searching the garden did I find it well and truly buried!

Thank you for the comment. Yes you are right. Most, if not all setter owners should be able to relate to the poem. We have been lucky with mobile phones or should I say my wife has been lucky. She bought a new mobile and a case for it. Put it in the case and started to read how to set it up, but by then the phone was gone. Our youngest one, Bracken was running round the garden with it, but lucky enough the phone had fallen out of the case and was not damaged. The case had some deep teeth marks in it. He is not too bad these days as he is almost 4 years old.

We wouldn't change them for the world.


Hi Howard, Have to add that a good friend's Setter knows how to push the radio "off" button in my friend's truck if she feels she's not getting enough attention. These dogs...! Such bright little characters.

They are indeed. You have to give credit where credit is due, lol. Andy

Hi Andy, I enjoyed your fun and clever poem! It brought a smile and tears to my eyes as I thought of my first Setter, Tara, (she had a long and happy life but time flew so quickly!)...and another big smile thinking about my good fortune to now have wonderful Birdie, who is almost two years old already! She's definitely still a Setter pup, but is getting more "grown up" everyday -- i.e. easier and easier, thank heavens. Of course, her Irish Setter mischief and fun loving nature are ever present, but not quite as many antics. How can we all be so lucky? Their beauty, really bright minds, and gentle natures are just the very best!

Yes, they are so special. We could never be without one or two or three of them, lol. As soon as we bring one into our home it becomes a valued member of the family. We have 6 year old Riley and his 4 year old half brother and also a 6 year old Labradoodle. Cassie is their boss. Andy


I like your poem very much. I see my Blue in every line. 

Hi Pat. I must say that is a beautiful photo of Blue.

Glad you liked my silly poem. If you are interested, I have a Facebook page/group called "Riley Benstead's Books and Poems". If you are on Facebook you are welcome to join that group and you can read some of my other silly poems. I also have a couple that may cause leaky eyes. Just ask to join and I will add you (If you are interested).





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