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Just wanted to share what happened today. In Australia we have some very dangerous snakes spiders etc. This morning one of those snakes visited us. I looked our the glass door and there was my big ginger cat playing with it. Molly our setter thought she would help. I got Molly away but as I am really frightened of snakes not so good with the cat. Luckly it all ended up o.k.but just had to share. We live in Sydney but in a bushy area. Our weather has been such that they seem to be in the surburbs more this year. It means that Molly will have to be kept in side more. If bitten death is very quick.

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you will o.k.if in the country wear good shoes. It is not that bad. Where we are talking about is on large pieces of land or bush... If you in the capital cities no problem enjoy your trip to downunder

Hi Viv,

i would rather snakes than gangs of thugs. snakes do not try and hurt you only if they are being attacked. remember you do have the adder snake in the uk. we keep snakes as pets lovely to hold. also no such thing as a yellow belly black they are the dark green tree snake. some of the copper heads are a little yellow on the under side as well. just respect them and be careful with your dogs around creeks etc. afraid dogs/cats and snake do not mix well.


I'm in WA. When I first moved into a new house (in suburbia but a new development), within a week I encountered a scorpion and a brown snake.  I went outside because the weimaraner and one of the setters were dancing around near the corner of the house.  I was shocked to see a young brown snake. I managed to get the dogs inside (this was hard, James LOVES playing with little moving things!) then I caught the snake with a large jug and put him in a pillow case and hung it outside - I called the snake man the next day and he relocated it to i hope somewhere safe.

We haven't seen one since, although we do have a rather large bobtail come into our garden quite often.  I have caught the weimaraner pointing at it a few times... but his large size and hissing I think prevents her from getting too bold!


It's really not the snakes fault... with urban sprawl they are losing their habitats and have little chance to go somewhere new. 

yes it is not the snakes fault and you are brave. I would run the other way. Anyway we should not see any more hopefully. The dogs and cats just like to play with anything moving and don'tknow how deadly they are. 

Well everyone, being born and bred in South of France I do know what is a snake... and on that level it is such a relief to live here in Ireland now, as according to the legend, St-Patrick have chased the snakes out of the country, and he really did a fantastic job, to the point that nobody has ever seen a snake in the grass here, only in a zoo, tv and pet shops.

Not sure if it can be applied in Australia, but in France we avoid a lot of problems by alarming the snake with noise as apparently snakes attack only when trapped and they have a very fine hearing. I do not want to say to turn your beautiful red heads into Swiss cows though... :-)  but may be something to talk to with your vet?


It is very scary to encounter a snake, I hope you are ok. I am in Western Australia and I let my Setters run off lead on the beach and in specially designated bushland areas. Over the last 6 years we have only had one encounter with a snake. It was a tiger snake and my setters were very curious, putting their noses down to it and running around it. As soon as I saw the snake I dropped my camera and just screamed at them to come to me. Thank goodness they did! And the snake went on its way. It has made us more careful, yet I do not want to take away their freedom to run and figure one encounter in 6 years is lucky for us.
we are o.k. it was our cat who was the most at risk. Molly our IS thought she would assist but I managed to get her away. Our beautiful garfield cat luckly was o.k. I am wondering where you can take your dogs to the beach and let them run. We are not able to do that in Sydney on the beaches too busy with beach goers. I sometimes wonder whether Molly gets enough exercise she stays inside heaps.

Hi Eunice,

Brodie, Molly's father, likes his sleep. He only goes for a big run twice a day in my garden. I am sure Molly would be a problem if she wasn't getting enough exercise. She will love obedience!!

Will send photos of Annabelle when my camera is fixed.



thanks carmel... Look forward to the photos of Molly's sister. I guess she takes after her father. She was promoted up one class last year at obedience but because she came into season then the summer break she has not been back. I had her trained at the kennels in their training programme of 18 days that made all the difference. Anyway once again thanks she is a gem.
Here in Perth there are designated dog beaches. They are fantastic, you can have them all to yourself if you avoid the busy times or are not a fair weather walker. There are also a couple of fenced dog exercise areas. One of them here is supported by the RSPCA, it is great. Maybe the RSPCA have something over in Sydney or it is something that could be raised.
thanks Perth is such a great city. Sydney has a couple of pet friendly accommodation where we took Molly just after purchasing her near Centinental Park. I guess that is the difference but there are some dog parks but I do not like them. Leach free area near Pittwater where we live but that has got smaller in area. Oh well guess I live with it. Thanks for the info.
Hi Eunice how frightening for you to find a snake in the garden. We have family in Turramurra with 2 x16 month old spoodles not sure where they excercise them but I know they go to a nearby beach as well as the Oval in Turramurra's Eastern Road. I'll try to find the name of the beach for you, Pittwater is beautiful we had a drive up there when we were over last  year, I love Sydney and always have difficulty in staying away.  




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