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After months of vomiting/regurgitating, last Thursday the chest x-rays made it clear that my Ginger does have MO. It is not caused by the drugs she is taking for her epilepsy, but it is the heritable form. Now I now that she has MO I can deal with it, the vomiting stopped now I know what caused it. With loads of antibiotics she is recovering remarkably well from her inhalation pneumonia. I found out that I can live with MO, just like her epilepsy. The only difficult thing is the combination. Today she had four seizures and they made her very hungry. Because of the MO she is only allowed to eat and drink in sitting position. After that she has to stay for 15 minutes in a more or less vertical position. Even today I could deal with the situation. I was wandering, are there more owners with dogs that has both diseases? If yes, how do you deal with it?

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Fresh and just one slice per feeding
Thank you, I will try this. I hope she likes pineapple.
Her diet didn't change much. I used to feed her 4 times a day, now it's 5 times. The only thing I added to her diet was a piece of banana. I know that the meds could cause this, but what I don't understand is why she is eating her own. She never done that before.
It is disgusting:-) Yesterday she ate it while it was very fresh and warm.
Could be the banana, It may taste good. When I give mine carrots I have to pick up right away or Hawk wouldl try to get to it first
Never thought of that, but you might be right. Thanks!
Hi Astrid
I think your right to avoid whatever you can in Ginger's diet. I know I tried to do the same thing with Dub. Our last dog, a Brittany ate his own poop and cleaned up his urine as well, from 8 weeks till he died at 10. Nothing I tried worked and I have met many a Brittany owner with the same issue. I alway felt like he was keeping his "den" clean since he didn't seem to really look like he enjoyed it as much as he looked more freaked out that he left a mess. That was the only dog I didn't kiss oon the mouth!!!!! I won't even go into the hysterical story of my uncle (who was such a mean guy) who came to visit on xmas and just let my Brit lap his face all night!! I am bad! I have heard that sprinkling Adolf's meat tenderizor on the food can stop some dogs since it changes the taste. BUT with an epi dog I wouldn't like that idea since I don't like added things including salt with a Kbr treatment. It isn't recommended. I would try the pineapple first. There are also pills I have seen online and in stores to for this problem. I would try that as long as it doesn't contain salt. I know for us, nothing worked. I find it interesting that this is a NEW problem at her age. It is generally something they do their whole lives. Have you changed kibble? Maybe it is the banana. Perhaps hold back on that and see if it stops.
Hi Susan,
what a great xmas story ;-)

I am very careful about what I am feeding Ginger and that includes the add ons. I would not use pills to solve this problem because I don't know what the interaction is with the meds she is on, or if they have effects on her brain.
Because of her epilepsy she is already on a lot of meds. Her seizures increased the last year. Reasons for that where my health problems an her vomiting/regurgitating, witch was in fact MO as I found out a month ago. For her epilepsy our specialist told us to feed her a piece of banana every day. The alternative would be another add on drug (Neurontin/Gabapentin). Bananas contain a natural Neurontin.

She is been eating poop her whole live. It increased when we started with Pheno and later Potassiumbromide. I always found that disgusting! Now it is a problem because of her MO. She is not allowed to have any "snacks" between her meals.
You could try teaching her leave it and then carring it on to her poop. We have taught Hawk leave it and are using it for the baby's things and it seem to be working

when she was a youngster we visited a dog school. She was the best student and understood everything in no time. Refusing food from strangers was one of them. She never ate food that was tossed in front of her.

That was all before she was on epilepsy drugs. The side effects of Pheno and KBr are that she is always hungry.




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